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Is PU Department in disruptive mood?

Bangalore: Students had a surprise stored for them by the PU Department, In which they had applied for revaluation and totaling where most of the 82 answer scripts saw accent in their math marks, furthermore student who had scored 19 marks received an extra 24 marks after totaling paving way for a passing score another student who had received 36 marks was given an extra 20 marks after totaling which makes us put forth a question: Do math evaluators need a check on their summing abilities or should revamp . 15,000 students saw a rise in their marks by a margin of errors between first and second revaluation process after PU department released the evaluation marks marking the errors committed. From past few years, PU has been releasing the obtained marks, the difference and released marks keeping it open, positioning students at upper hand as they now can see the totaling and re valuation process. While this year was a major setback to few students while rest of them was happy as they saw a jump in their mark. Around 15 answer scripts revealed that after re valuation, it has resulted in the difference of 25 marks. "79% of the students' papers saw no change in the scores and also the department had instructed the evaluators to not increase marks by more than 15 or their increment would be cut. "as quoted in Bangalore Mirror by one of the officials from PU department. This lead to a question put forth by the students to Bangalore Mirror as to "How is it possible to get extra 45 marks? That means the evaluators have either made a mistake or the paper was not evaluated at all. Another bigger question remains that will the evaluators face the cut or will the marks be rectified again? "Meanwhile CBSE is also having their share of hiccups in re-totaling results as one of the students was awarded 45 marks ascended to 90, while another student saw his marks touching 100.