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The legislative council witnessed a debate over revision of textbooks for classes 1 to 9 std.
Pathways School Gurgaon

Abhimanyu’s team was given the theme “Rap the Scrap” which was designed by the World Robot Olympiad Organizing Committee. The team started working on this challenge in July, 2016 and passed through several levels to reach WRO internationals. Delhi-NCR Regional competition took place on August 20th-21st, in which his team claimed first position, followed by Indian nationals in Kolkata on October 22nd – 23rd , securing 2nd Position.World Robot Olympiad is an Asian organization that was established in 2004 and today it has 51 participating countries from across the globe.It was the first time this competition was held in India. There are fourmajor categories of this competition (Open category, Regular category,Advanced robotic challenge, and soccer).