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Centre to pronounce Hindi compulsory in CBSCE boards, Non HINDI States disapprove

New Delhi: President to pronounce Hindi as compulsory language, in CBSE boards and Kendriya Vidyalaya and Non Hindi states disapprove against this statement as they feel that center is suppressing native languages. Deputy leader of Trinamool Congress Sugata Roy alleged that we respect Hindi language, but their move is to instrument BJP’s majority idea Hindi, Hindu and Hindustan but should think twice before instrumenting the idea on non Hindi States. A President order dated, March 31, had asked HRD Minister to make serious efforts to make Hindi Compulsory on CBSE Curriculum. The Order had said that As a first step, Hindi should be made a compulsory subject up to standard X in all schools of CBSE and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan,“ As in February , CBSE had 18,546 schools in India and 210 schools in 25 foreign countries . While this Decision has brought turmoil in the minds of people from the non Hindi States, Tamil Nadu‘s opposition Party opposed the decision, working president M.K Stalin who rose on the Dravidian scene by invoking Tamil Pride warned the center by this move they have sowed another anti-Hindi agitation and also added that The Center is using all given opportunities to impose both the languages on people, the latest being this order. It has previously imposed Hindi on highway name-boards and newspaper advertisements, “where as in Kerala it has been challenging because the government has imposed Malayalam to be mandatory on April 11 in all the schools till 10th, And in Karnataka where the majority people speak Kannada are left in confused state as it would impact flexibility offered by the curriculum of CBSE.