“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”, as Alexander Graham Bell wisely said, is crucial especially today for students nearing graduation from school. They must be prepared for the rapidly changing future as it holds scenarios beyond the realm of common imagination. 

The best way to move forward is to stay grounded in the present while keeping an eye on emerging trends. This includes enhancing competencies that combine academic skills with social and emotional capabilities, thereby resulting in prospicient young adults.

Vis-à-vis global trends, the school attempts to make students aware of the same through regular student-driven programmes on issues like sustainable development goals, environmental consciousness, inclusivity, gender parity and much more. Not didactic, these programmes are designed in a manner that encourages the students to put on their thinking caps and also carry out adequate research, to foster a temperament of self-learning.

The school’s approach to this involves project-based learning and participation in pitch-focussed events within and between schools, promoting an entrepreneurial mindset and fostering lifelong learning – a key to being future-ready. 

Additionally, cultivating soft skills through regular workshops, seminars and various co-curricular and extracurricular activities is also a process that the school follows earnestly, for we believe that if students possess the essential soft skills, they build the confidence to face new situations and challenges.

Post COVID-19, as a school, we have strengthened our Career Counselling Cell, which is not only meeting out judicious career guidance but also organising seminars and conferences on new and emerging careers. No opportunity for career advice is turned away without taking complete stock of how the students could gain from it.

Also, emotional intelligence and mindfulness, two non-negotiable new-age competencies are coordinated, monitored, and bolstered by our recently established Wellness Centre and Psychology Club. Introducing Robotics and STEM in the curriculum prepares students for an AI-centric world, fostering a vital scientific outlook.

Additionally, though overlooked in the scheme of seemingly more important skills, the qualities of time management, problem-solving and effective communication are also what we try to imbibe in our students by getting them to organise mega school events, exhibitions, and drives, where teachers take on the role of mentors and the students put their resourcefulness to its optimum use. The above-mentioned skills, I believe are essential to stride with confidence on the chosen career path.

Therefore, to conclude, armed with all the support mentioned above, The Asian School would like its students to go out into the world believing in themselves and feeling brave, smart and strong!