The EPIC Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, has unveiled the first Indian-designed education tablet that is AI-enabled. Developed in collaboration with VVDN Technologies, MediaTek India, and, the tablet boasts unique features such as repairability and upgradability. S Krishnan, Secretary of MeitY, expressed pride in launching a product designed and inspired by India, emphasizing its potential to inspire youth towards innovation and entrepreneurship. Dr. Ajai Chowdhry, Chairman of EPIC Foundation, highlighted the goal of promoting self-reliance in Indian electronics by ensuring replaceable and upgradable components. The tablet aims to address challenges in education and social empowerment by promoting Indian electronics brands, reducing financial barriers for schools, and extending the product's lifespan. Chowdhry emphasized the creation of repair jobs across India and the tablet's integration with BharatGPT virtual assistant and AI/ML-based inter-lingual translation to support diverse languages and inclusion of differently-abled individuals. S Krishnan stressed the importance of increasing value addition in the electronics sector and enhancing electronic component production in India to reduce dependence on imports. He underscored MeitY's goals aligned with the success of the electronics Production Linked Incentive (PLI) program to further advance the sector's growth.