Mukesh Sharma’s educational odyssey commenced at the esteemed BITS Pilani, catalysed by his father’s academic influence. This was a pivotal phase in shaping his quest for knowledge and resilience. His entrepreneurial spirit was fully realised with the establishment of QA Infotech Software Services Pvt. Ltd. This firm was successfully operated for two decades in the US and India. His career trajectory took a transformative turn towards education. Driven by a vision to empower the next generation, he founded Prometheus School, an institution that embodies his belief in developing both technical acumen and personal growth.

His leadership style is characterised by a positive, inspirational and collaborative approach. His philosophy permeates every aspect of Prometheus School, influencing its culture and contributing to its notable achievements in the realm of education.
With his extensive experience in the industry of software and as an educator, he values the importance of providing an industry experience to the students as early as possible. In a world where education often feels divorced from the realities of professional life, Mr. Mukesh Sharma has spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative at Prometheus School: School-level internships starting from grade 8 and above. This pioneering programme goes beyond textbook learning and classrooms, immersing students in diverse industries and sectors like corporates, hospitals, wealth management firms, etc. It's a bold step that disrupts the traditional education model, providing students with invaluable hands-on experience and learning outside of the classroom.

  • ➤ Starting internships in middle school fosters a proactive approach to career exploration. Instead of passively waiting for university, students actively engage with different fields, discovering their passions and aptitudes at a crucial developmental stage. This early exploration can significantly inform their academic choices and future career paths.
  • ➤ School-level internships provide students with a tangible understanding of how theoretical concepts translate into real-world scenarios. They witness firsthand the inner workings of various industries, learning about workflows, financing, and the practical skills needed for success.
  • ➤ Working alongside professionals in a professional setting instils confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Students develop essential soft skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving while gaining valuable industry knowledge and connections. This early exposure to professional environments prepares them for future academic and professional challenges.
Mr. Sharma's initiative sets a powerful example for other schools to emulate. By showcasing the effectiveness of early internships, he encourages a shift towards more experiential learning models that equip students with the skills and experiences they need to thrive in the 21st century.

At Prometheus School, Mr. Sharma goes above and beyond, ensuring thorough POSH and POCSO compliance training for all staff. Post-training, every staff member goes through a compulsory assessment where they navigate real-world scenarios presented through carefully curated case studies. Every completed assessment receives an individualised percentage score. This provides valuable insights into each staff member's strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring continuous learning and growth. Such measures not only safeguard the organisation, its students, and staff but also help create awareness regarding legal obligations, and showcase the school's commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment.

Beyond POSH and POCSO training, the school, under the visionary guidance of its founder chairperson, implemented innovative measures like issuing these digital compliance and other certificates through ItsCredible, a secure blockchain platform. The school has been using ItsCredible and Credulocker to issue digital badges and certificates for all kinds of student achievements, celebrating not just academic excellence but also unique skills and passions. Imagine these badges, accessible anytime, anywhere, becoming lifetime tokens of appreciation that motivate students to keep striving. This is the future Mr. Sharma is building at Prometheus, a future where technology empowers and celebrates every student's journey.

Mr. Sharma isn't content with simply educating future professionals. He wants to empower them to become impactful change makers and instil an entrepreneurial spirit to empower them to become not just job seekers, but job creators. At the heart of this vision lies nurturing an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the school itself.

Starting young is the key. Recognising that age can dampen risk appetite, Prometheus School has always nurtured an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the school. The student-led club, EntrepreNow, provides a vibrant platform for putting theory into practice. Open to all, it's a bustling hub of interactive sessions and inspirational dialogues. Successful entrepreneurs share their journeys, offering young minds invaluable insights and igniting their own entrepreneurial spark. Motivational speakers and industry experts further enrich the experience, providing guidance and mentorship to budding change makers.

To turn ideas into reality, Prometheus School established its own incubation centre. Backed by Mr. Sharma's Rs 1 crore grant, this centre provides seed funding to students with game-changing business ideas. It's a springboard for innovation, empowering young minds to translate their passions into tangible solutions that benefit the community.