My inspiration is our teachers and children. The KIIT World School motto, “I am a promise, I am a possibility” is my north star, guiding me every day. My team and I work so children everywhere can achieve their potential through education.

My earliest memories are of values like curiosity, rigour, and excellence. These are the foundation of continuous teaching-learning innovation: Reflective Journalling in the school Almanac or multi-disciplinary approaches like one where we contributed to the design of AI-integrated lesson plans for CBSE with INTEL in subjects like Hindi. 

The National Award to Teachers, 2008 by the President of India through MoE, CBSE National and State Teachers Awards, membership of the Governing Body, CBSE and roles as Chairperson, North-West Delhi Sahodaya School Complex, and Senior Vice President, Delhi State Science Teachers’ Forum have been deeply fulfilling and humbling milestones. I aim for KIIT World School Delhi to become an international icon of educational excellence.