Dr. Nalini Prabhu Shanker defied norms, establishing Spring Mount Public School in 2013, challenging gender stereotypes in Tirupur's textile industry.  Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Spring Mount pioneers inclusivity, launching a new institution to foster an inclusive educational landscape. 

"Spring Mount Public School: Nurturing Leaders, Fostering Global Awareness, and Building Community -Centric Values" embodies world-class infrastructure, beyond academics commitment, and holistic leadership development. Notable achievements, including ISO:9001 certification, 'Best Emerging School' award, and the title of "Outstanding School of the Year 2023," reflect Dr. Nalini's dedication to providing a holistic education.

Spring Mount's community-centric approach extends beyond academics, actively engaging in initiatives like the Cancer Awareness Run. Dr. Nalini's leadership, recognized with the 'Star Alumni 2020' title, '50 Effective Principals-2023,' and 100 Great Manager awards from Forbes, underscores her commitment to shaping a brighter educational future.