The Global Edge Group of Schools is associated with the Foundation for Democratic Re- forms (FDR) wherein I am also as a Board Member. I was born and raised in a protective, traditional, and conservative Telugu family, where education and values were paramount. I accomplished academically by becoming a Chartered Accountant and a Law degree holder. Despite my early successes, I felt a deep desire to contribute to society, particularly in education. This led me and my husband to establish a preschool in 2002, which has grown into a network of schools. We aimed to create a positive societal impact through education, providing opportunities for women and fostering leadership among the girl child. In the Global Edge Schools, equal growth opportunities and pay parity is maintained and the co-educational setup to realise their dreams whether it be in STEAM or liberal arts. My achievements and the recognition I've received, such as the Ek Nari: The Best Women Director award and the Women Entrepreneur of the Year, reflect not just personal success but the collective success of everyone involved in our mission.