I’m humbled to hear adjectives like visionary, businesswoman and pleasing personality being used with my name. From my college days, I had the calling to be a leader, wherein I was elected as a Senate Member of Kuvempu University in 1998 from the general category. My motivation to excel in the education segment is the desire to make a difference among children where the Montessori method is used as a powerful tool to bring positive impact. My father was my mentor and being with inspiring teachers in my own life, I wanted to motivate individuals to pursue careers in education. We introduced several changes in the school to adapt to evolving educational philosophies, societal needs and technological advancements. Our dedicated efforts in the field of education are recognised by awards like India’s Top 10 Preschool cum Daycare, Dr. Radhakrishna Shikshana Ratna National Award and much more.