Serving the country as the Commander of the Indian Navy, stirring nationwide revolution through a robust education movement, opening doors for inclusion in the mainstream, and creating an empowering ecosystem by pushing for collective leadership, Dr. Cdr Kartikay Saini is the ringing endorsement of ‘absolute’ in education as his dynamism delivers a clear verdict that ‘Leadership’ is all about striking a pitch to bring everyone together. 

Taking a leaf out of his successful campaign for education and inclusion, here’s a brief outline of the leader who is breaking new ground and bolstering the bid to make education an inclusive proposal. Relentlessly tilting the scales in favor of inclusive learning, Dr. Cdr Kartikay Saini and his bold initiatives are a ‘must-refer’ for emerging leaders.

An ex-commander of the Indian Navy Dr. Cdr Kartikay Saini has spent more than three decades of his distinguished career serving the Country in the Defence and civil world. Dr. Cdr Kartikay Saini is the Founder Chairman of Scottish High International School, Gurgaon

Adding to his eminence, Dr. Saini is the Former Chairman of Special Olympics India, he is also the former Chairman of the Unified Sports Advisory Board of Asia Pacific and a Board member of Special Olympics International, Washington, mentoring 177 countries of the world including continents of America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. 

Dr. Saini is also recognized as a successful serial entrepreneur and heads the operations of several businesses. He has been the Director/Partner of various companies dealing with Catering, Travel, Nutrition, Health and Event Management. He has received noteworthy recognition for his social work and education of people with disabilities and is much-admired by many Heads of Global organizations and Country heads in Asia, Europe as well as America.

Dr. Cdr Kartikay Saini is well known for his youth activation movements across the world in the fields of Leadership, Inclusivity, and Special Education. As a keynote speaker at world conferences and world education summits, he has spent a lifetime moving young hearts toward a world of inclusion & tolerance. He has been invited for youth leadership and inclusive conferences by numerous nations and Heads of State in the USA, Spain, Manila, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Singapore, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, Azerbaijan, UAE, and the Dominican Republic.

Brought up in the National Defence Academy and Armed Forces in the fields of Engineering, IT, and logistics, Dr. Saini proudly holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctorate in entrepreneurship and management.


Dr. Saini has received many awards and accolades for his distinct social, educational, and pro bono campaigns, pan India. With more than 200 national and international awards outlining his influential presence in the academic arena, the stars on his mantle describe the decades of his dedication and commitment towards Nation building.

Felicitated by the House of Commons in 2019 by the Members of the British Parliament as the ‘Educationist of the Year’, Dr. Cdr Kartikay Saini has successfully made his vision for Education ‘a Global statement’.

He was awarded by the President of Mauritius, His Excellency Mr. Prithvirajsing Roopun (along with the Vice Prime Minister Mrs Leela Dookun), for Excellence in Education. Dr. Saini has recently been felicitated by the Govt of Sri Lanka for his outstanding contribution to Education. He has now been invited by Oxford University London for a talk with faculty & students on Youth Leadership and Inclusive Education. Dr. Saini is one of the three Indian speakers invited to Oxford University this year, the last one being Mr Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament.


After serving in the Defence forces for 15 years, Dr. Saini has been serving the country as an Educationist who has revolutionized the education system with his pioneering initiatives in the teaching-learning systems, benefitting hundreds of schools across the country.

His revolutionary efforts in the field of Special Education for children with intellectual disabilities have been applauded not only in the National education fraternity but also in numerous countries in the Asia Pacific as well as the world. His exemplary service in the field of education has been a catalyst in nation-building. His sustained efforts, especially in the integrated education for special needs children, have been noteworthy which makes Dr. Kartikay Saini a highly distinguished citizen of India in shaping the future of the country and impacting millions across the world.

As a founder Chairman of the Scottish High International School Gurgaon, Dr. Kartikay Saini spiraled the initiative ‘holistic education and integrated development of children with intellectual disabilities’ at par with normal school children. His models - holistic learning, integrated learning, physical education, inclusive education, sports, and human values as an integral part of the education system were applauded at various eminent forums.

Dr. Saini’s initiatives to nurture and inspire the youth leadership of this country towards self-inspired learning brought him to the fore to lead many conferences in the Asia Pacific region as well as the World, including countries like Singapore, Thailand, Spain, Azerbaijan, and the Dominican Republic, etc. Thousands of youth across the world have gained immensely from his workshops and conferences, emphasizing holistic growth, sports, moral values, compassion, personality development, and leadership.

Leaders and organizations across the world including Europe, Eurasia, Africa, and the USA have lauded him as a Leader, Policy Maker, and Mentor, for his innovative ideas, execution of justice, and his fight for the welfare and dignity of the disabled population of the world. 

Dr. Saini has been widely appreciated by the media and rated by various organizations as one of the leading educationists in India. Due to his immense contribution to the field of Inclusive Education, Dr. Saini has been recognized by Forbes Magazine and the Hindustan Times as the Changemaker in society and the leading Educationist of the country.

As the Board Member of the Special Olympics Asia Pacific as well as the Special Olympics worldwide, and former Chairman of Special Olympics, Bharat, Dr. Kartikay Saini ensured that the inclusiveness of children with intellectual disability in education was led from the front by his founding institution-Scottish High International School. Today this has been emulated by hundreds of schools pan India as Scottish High has been successfully endorsing its vision as the Unified Champion School.


Apart from his laudable accomplishments in the field of education at the National and International levels, Dr. Cdr Saini has served and continues to serve as a key speaker in workshops and seminars on leadership and governance in different parts of the world-Spain, Switzerland, China, U.S.A, Macau, Philippines, Malaysia, to mention a few. He constantly challenges the status quo, expunging mediocre ideas and concepts with his radical views and innovative ideas on global issues. He models true leadership by practicing what he teaches. Little wonder that he is highly respected in the community, with his ideas catching on like wildfire. He has led youth conferences in India and abroad inspiring thousands of youth across the globe.

Dr. Kartikay Saini has been invited to lead conferences and workshops across the world and honored for his excellent humanitarian work in the field of ‘disability’. His workshops include the Academies of the Asia Pacific, Europe Eurasia Youth summits, America’s Youth Congress, etc.


Coupled with creditable accomplishments at the National and International levels, 

Dr. Cdr Saini has a wealth of experience which he shares through various workshops and seminars as a key speaker. 

He has led various workshops on leadership and governance in different parts of the world- Spain, Switzerland, China, U.S.A, Macau, Philippines, Malaysia, to mention a few. 

His ideas, concepts, and views on various issues catch on like wildfire, which is why he has been invited to lead conferences and workshops across the world and honored for his excellent humanitarian work in the field of disability. His workshops include the Academies of the Asia Pacific, Europe Eurasia Youth summits, America’s Youth Congress, etc. Leading youth conferences and inspiring thousands, Dr. Saini has been one of the ‘most wanted’ speakers in India and across the globe.

Dr. Saini’s exceptional oratory skills and proficiency in music and drama distinguish his versatility and across-the-board character. Not to forget his passion for Golf which he says is “a meditation of the body and mind”.

His skills in writing and poetry reflect his creative side, setting him apart from the regular rest. A keen writer who has contributed to several journals and magazines including the US proceedings, USA, Dr. Cdr Kartikay Saini truly embodies the qualities of a well-rounded leader who has all the makings of a true statesman.


The achievements of Dr. Cdr Kartikay Saini in the area of education and humanitarianism have earned him commendations from many Heads of Global organizations and Country heads of ‘Special Olympics International’ in Asia and Europe as well as America. He has received noteworthy recognition for his social work and education of people with disabilities.

Prominent personalities like Dr. Timothy Shriver, nephew of US PRESIDENT John F Kennedy, Consulate General of India Ms. Neeta Bhushan at Chicago USA, the Bhutan Government Special Olympics, and CEO-Special Olympics International, Ms Mary Davis have lauded his meritorious contributions in the same.


Dr. Kartikay Saini’s contributions to the world, especially in the field of Education and Inclusion have changed the lives of millions of families across the globe. He is a highly decorated Educationist with over 200 National and International awards on his name, including the Forbes ‘Most Influential Leader’, ‘Hindustan Times Change Maker’, INTED Spain, ‘Visionary Leader’, and National Derozio Award to name a few.

His contributions to the field of Education and Special needs have very few parallels. He was honored with ‘The Derozio Award’, ‘SAICON- Sports Authority of India’, ‘Inspirational Leader’s Award ‘Visionary of the Year Award’, ‘Indian Achiever’s Award”, “Education Stalwart Leader”, “Trendsetter of the Year 2018” for his immense contribution to Education. He was also awarded as the Educationist of the Year at the House of Commons, London, 2019. Receiving the Education Stalwart Award by Education Today, at the Maharashtra Education Summit, Mumbai, 2019, Dr. Saini continues to make a mark in the hall of excellence.

He has been recognized as ‘Future 50 Leader Shaping Success, 2019. Awarded Education Stalwarts of the Year 2022 by Education Today, Dr. Saini was awarded the Best Education Leader of the Year 2022-23 at the Indian Education by Edtech Awards.

Advocating for Special Needs through his expertise and experience, Dr. Kartikay Saini participated in the Special Kids International Summit 2020. He was amongst the 31 experts from worldwide, in the field of Autism. He helped to bring a very empathic perspective and practical viewpoints to approaching children with Special Needs.

The Change-maker, Catalyst, and Leader, Dr. Kartikay Saini has made a big impact on society with his path-breaking ideas. He represents the voice of millions around the world. ‘A must-hear’ for the audience, cut across all age groups, his vision holds paramount importance in the present context when ‘inclusive’ has emerged as the call of the time!

His battle against societal stigmas for imparting the rightful education to children with or without intellectual disability in the same classroom, hand in hand, has been a role model in various schools across the country and abroad.

Dr. Saini has been recognized in the National and International fraternity with over 200 felicitations and awards in the last two decades. He has been invited by various worldwide summits and educational conferences in the USA, Spain, Manila, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Singapore, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, Azerbaijan, and the Dominican Republic among others where he has been globally felicitated for his unparalleled work by the World Education Summits and International Baccalaureate conferences. He is on the Board of INTED, Spain, a jury of IFFAI for the education system, the Golf Foundation of India, and numerous schools, colleges & institutes worldwide.

He philosophized the theory of professional systems, processes, and quality systems in the field of education. He piloted the same by being the First School in India to introduce ISO 9000, 14000, 18000, OHSAS, 29990, and NABET (National Accreditation Board for Education and Training) into the education system of his school in the last 15 years. His recognition by the ICSE Board, ISFI, International Baccalaureate Organisation, Cambridge University, and dozens of worldwide organizations bears testimony to his radical and path-breaking initiatives. Thousands of schools across India and the world followed suit and have been engaged in the process of quality authorization and quality assessment systems as a standard.

Dr. Saini has dedicated his entire life to making an impact on society, the country, and the world. His commendable service to education, special education, integrated schooling, social causes, and the youth goes beyond the call of normal duty. 

A cogent narrative of leadership in today’s times, Dr. Cdr Kartikay Saini has always been disrupting the status quo. His journey is an inspiring story of determination and dedication, holding resonance among millions that true leadership leaves no one behind!