Mr. Bharat Bhushan Gupta exemplifies a principled individual with steadfast convictions and a balanced demeanour. With his firm ideologies and humble approach, he has shaped education with principles of humanity, empathy and values. Today, he stands recognized in the field of education as an Education Icon with his unwavering devotion to the field of education. He has played a pivotal role in fortifying the educational infrastructure while nurturing the Lagan Kala Upvan most diligently following the ideals set by his father. With his pliability and commitment, he has dynamically shaped policies to catalyse positive transformations in the field of education, demonstrating adaptability and resilience as he navigated through evolving challenges and emerged as a leader of integrity and persistence.

Throughout his life, Mr. Gupta has encountered a spectrum of experiences, ranging from moments of profound joy to formidable challenges, each serving as a valuable lesson making him attempt for better. Seeking Inspiration from his father, Sh. G.C. Lagan decided to embark on a journey guided by unwavering determination and adherence to his beliefs. 

When it comes to building a dream, it requires a lot of perseverance, support and guidance, as Late Sh. G.C. Lagan, the Founder Chairman of Bal Bhavan Group of Schools, had been firm in designing the picture of his dreams; his younger son, Mr. B. B. Gupta, stood by his side, contributing with his utmost possibilities. He had been a dedicated son, tracing the path guided by his father, sacrificing his career choices, and adopting and dedicating himself to the field of education. 

Initially entering the educational sphere with little inclination or experience, Mr. Gupta embraced his father's ethos and assumed administrative responsibilities at a very young age. Upon officially commencing his teaching career in 1983, he pledged to contribute to learning each day. In years, he has ardently fulfilled his commitments, effecting substantial developments within the school and garnering numerous accolades. With his ethos and values, he has not only fulfilled his responsibilities as a dedicated leader of an education institution, but also recognising his roles as a son, a father and a family person who is humble and grounded with the values inherent in his genes. 

“I feel that education sector has evolved beautifully, with key focus on educators. Earlier, I struggled to guide teachers and train them to understand their significant roles as mentors in fostering young minds. I had to have regular discussions with my school teaching staff and question their every approach as a strict coach. I was not ready to compromise anything against quality education”. Recognizing the evolving landscape of the educational sector, Mr. Gupta is appreciative of the initiatives of the Ministry of Education in framing training modules for teachers, guiding each new teacher about their responsible role. His proactive engagement with the updates and initiatives installed in the field of education by the Ministry of Education underscores his commitment to fostering educational excellence.

As President of Lagan Kala Upvan (regd.) society, Mr. Gupta embodies leadership grounded in substance, fostering a culture of creativity and continuous learning. With over four decades of mentoring students and educators at Bal Bhavan, he epitomizes dedication, having served in various capacities, including as a teacher, administrator, and principal.

Reflecting on the school's humble beginnings, Mr. Gupta recalls the challenges of establishing a temporary school during its early years, when classes occur in temporary tents and sheds. His tireless efforts, from arranging classrooms amidst adverse weather conditions to personally facilitating students' transportation and education, have left an indelible mark on the community. His role as son, teacher, and leader has been a significant pillar in the tapestry of achievements Bal Bhavan has added to its bounties. 

“For 16 years in my capacity as a teacher, I hardly rested, compromising my delights; I had to work hard along with my father to nurture a school of his dreams”, he recalls. Mr. Gupta believes that education has meanings different from subject knowledge; it's about shaping humans. While he believes that real education cultivates values and morals, he pays significant attention to character-building at his school. At Bal Bhavan, he has ensured that the ‘Motto’ of Goodness before Greatness is greatly valued and established. Students at Bal Bhavan are shaped to be Global Citizens ready to adapt, accommodate, and accept each associate of the planet and value each one with compassion and empathy. 

For him, no work is menial. Grown amidst struggle and hardships, he has appreciated the minutest efforts one makes to amend, improvise, and learn. A man of substance and a prolific leader who respects creativity and promotes learning aptitude. He prefers to be called a learner rather than a commander. In his working tenure of 44 years as a Mentor to students and teachers at his school and a leader and administrator at Bal Bhavan, he has served education as a devout follower, contributing his time, space, and every aspect of his life in serving the school and the school children. 

For him, an educator is a role model for their students, embodying values and behaviours that influence the young minds they guide. He firmly believes that children mirror the behaviours and attitudes they observe in their surroundings. Hence, he has been careful in cultivating a nurturing environment within Bal Bhavan that reflects the values of modesty, spirituality, and advancement in line with the pace of advanced times.

In his vision of education, the school environment plays a crucial role in shaping the character and worldview of students. Through various initiatives and activities within and around the school peripheries, he has instilled in students the importance of staying connected to their roots, respecting traditions, and embracing ethical values that serve as the foundation for personal and professional growth. He believes in the significance of spirituality in education, understanding its vital role in nurturing the holistic development of students. He has been associated with Akhil Bharatiya Anuvrat Nyas, where he incorporated mindfulness. Regular meditation sessions and moral education are a part of the academic framework at Bal Bhavan, where he has created a learning environment that encourages students to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

He stressed the SDGs, a conservative approach towards the planet and its resources, and investing in spreading awareness. Each of his endeavors aimed to mold the behaviour of youngsters and society around to be saviours of the planet, while he believed in the ideologies that little changes could contribute to great results. His commitment to environmental conservation, exemplified through his participation in Bhagidari and Eco clubs, has earned him recognition and accolades, contributing to a broader societal impact. He received the Best Eco Club Award 2001-2002, and the Bhagidari Award 2006, and the school under his mentorship has ushered in the celebration of Earth Day in the Delhi region. 

Embracing a collaborative approach, Mr. Gupta encourages exploration and innovation among his associates, nurturing a network of individuals dedicated to advancing education. His modest yet consistent efforts have garnered over 60 individual awards and numerous accolades for the school, a testament to his steadfast commitment. He has received several awards, including the State Teacher Award 2006 by the Directorate of Education (govt. of Delhi) and the CBSE award to teachers for 2011-12, along with various other awards from different government and non-government organizations. He has been ‘Times Power Icon (North)-2019’, recognized as ‘Education Stalwart- 2021’ by Education Today, procured the ‘Life Time Achievement Award- ‘2021’ and ‘2023’ and ‘Most Influential Educator- 2023’ Award by Education Today. 

A dynamic and self-motivated persona with progressive vision and ideologies who believes in doctrine of learning by all means and the same he tries to transverse amongst his fellow beings and colleagues. Under his guidance, the school has flourished and has risen to considerable heights, adding a few more branches to its roots; along with personal growth, he has also catered to the development of all his associates and societies. He has taken various initiatives towards humanity and kindness, dispersing similar values amongst his learners.

Mr. Gupta has inspired his students, embodying a disciplined coaching approach in their training strategies. He exhibits a profound trust in his students, contributing within and beyond his possibilities and advocating for parental support to enhance their educational journey, consistently advocating for their best interests. He has been actively involved in supervising each student's individual growth and progress under his guidance, regularly seeking updates from educators regarding their improvements. He meticulously arranges remedial measures and enhancement strategies, personally engaging with students and parents to discuss their development. 

Despite the accolades and achievements he has accomplished in his life, he is grounded enough to pronounce himself a ‘Learner.’ He believes one should never stop learning, as each day is a new experience, schooling us to renew possibilities and helping us explore our potential. 

He stresses ‘Time’ as a significant coach and believes one should keep updating oneself with contemporary. “One should walk with time, lest the time would leave you behind; learn from every possible resource you come across, be it a person, a child, an elder, a book, or an experience, and update your ideologies accordingly.” Understanding the given need to keep pace with the rapidly changing world and equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the modern era, he has spearheaded efforts to modernize the school infrastructure, integrate technology into the learning process, and introduce innovative teaching methods that engage students and prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century. By striking a balance between traditional values and contemporary advancements, he has ensured that Bal Bhavan remains relevant and responsive to the evolving needs of students in an ever-changing world.

To ensure the realization of one's full potential, Mr. Gupta fosters an environment of exploration and creativity among his colleagues, encouraging the exchange of innovative ideas and their proactive implementation for continuous development. With an astute vision, he has cultivated a network of collaborators who share his vision and collectively contribute to advancing education in various facets. Preferring to a methodical approach to splendid goals, he believes in the proverb that steady progress yields lasting success. 

Many former students of Bal Bhavan have achieved prominence in diverse fields such as administration, engineering (particularly in prestigious institutions like the IITs), education, healthcare, and other societal impact areas. While reflecting on his alumni's success, Mr. Gupta expresses a sentiment shared by many educators: "The greatest reward for a teacher is witnessing their students thrive in their respective endeavours. It brings immense joy to see our students excel and bring honour not only to themselves and their families but also to our institution and our nation on a global scale."

Under Mr. Gupta's guidance, Bal Bhavan has established itself as a beacon of educational excellence, where the true essence of education is upheld. Every educator at BBPS is empowered to embrace their role as a steward of learning, recognizing it as their foremost duty to nurture and guide young minds toward becoming future leaders on a global scale. Through Mr. Gupta's mentorship, a culture of dedication and self-direction has been cultivated amongst the faculty, ensuring that each member is fully committed to their role in shaping the educational journey of the students entrusted to their care. This commitment to excellence and holistic development has cemented Bal Bhavan's reputation as a distinguished institution dedicated to fostering the next generation of leaders and innovators.