“The grading system here is so heavily dependent on the subjectivity of the TAs (Teaching Assistants) that it defeats the whole purpose of education,” wrote the IIT student, who goes by ‘dengo302005’ on Reddit. The Redditor added, “I remember submitting my assignment for a design course and being allotted the lowest grade possible in my group, whereas my friend (in another group) who had submitted the exact same assignment got the highest possible grade.” The IIT Bombay undergrad went on to express that many people believe that IIT is the “golden gateway to supreme education” but the reality is quite different. The Reddit user added, “I feel lost and do not have the enthusiasm left. It’s a very sinking feeling and the college feels like ’a school more than a school’. Honestly, I just don’t know what will make of me in these four years (it feels like a lot of stress, or maybe I am just exaggerating things a little bit). I just want to get my degree as soon as possible and be out of this situation I am in.”The post was shared a few days ago on Reddit. It has since then accumulated a plethora of upvotes and numerous comments. “I am doing civil in an old IIT and I feel the same, I don’t even remember why I used to study during jeetimes. Idk who it was that I wanted to prove my worth. Everything feels very useless all of a sudden idk why... and what should I do about it?” posted a Reddit user. Another added.

Source-IIT Bombay