The most awaited hallmark event in the realm of the education sector, “India School Merit Awards 2024”( ISMA ) facilitated by Education Today Magazine is back with the flash. This much-anticipated event celebrates excellence in education, recognizing outstanding schools and individuals who are shaping the future of India’s youth. This year’s edition has bigger and better promises than the previous editions. The event also aims to highlight the imperative to evaluate and rank educational institutions.

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This ranking for this award, initiative not only underscores the importance of acknowledging outstanding contributions to education. Earning a spot in the India School Merit Awards ranking signifies the recognition of Education Today, the most respected education-related magazine in India. This recognition goes beyond the bragging rights of the school. It will showcase a commitment the school has towards well-rounded excellence in academics, sports, academics, student support, and parent involvement. If the ranking is higher it will become a valuable tool for attracting top students, and talented educators and fostering a sense of pride within the school community.

Why do we host India School Merit Awards?

We at Education Today magazine present ISMA not just to celebrate the achievement in the field of education, but also to elevate the conversation around what constitutes a truly excellent school. Through a rigorous survey process and a distinguished panel of esteemed jury members, the educational institutions are not just awarded for their academic excellence but also for fostering innovation, nurturing well-rounded students, and championing impactful teaching practices. By shining a spotlight on these achieving schools, we aim to inspire a national dialogue on best practices and empower parents to make informed choices for their children’s education.

Eligibility to participate in ISMA

To vie for a coveted spot among the esteemed awardees, schools across India are welcome to participate including private aided, private unaided, and minority schools. Applications for these awards should be submitted by the school principal or a designated representative. Applying for the awards does not cost a fee. Applicants have to just fill out the questionnaire in the relevant category. The winners of the awards are usually informed via email, phone call, or courier 15 days before the award event.

The Survey Process for ISMA

Creating a survey questionnaire is a collaborative Evaluation. Our discerning panel for the K-12 and higher education survey comprises the accomplished EducationToday team alongside a cohort of distinguished jury members. These luminaries, boasting 15- 20 years of industry expertise, include venerable educationists and veterans in the field. Bound by a shared zeal to elevate India's educational standards, these jury members are the torchbearers of positive transformation.

This panel will create two questionnaires for the schools, namely one for the school; Where educators of the school will have to fill out the part of the survey. And the other one is for parents of the students; This makes our survey unique! We include parents as well while evaluating the schools. The parents are invited to rate based on certain parameters given by our survey team. This is one of our crucial forms of input as the parents are the ones who know the ins and outs of the school. Parents' opinion input makes our survey the most credible.