2023 marks the 20th year Anniversary of Harsha Institutions. Begun in the year 2003, Harsha Institutions is the brainchild of our Chairman, Mr. S. Shivakumar, who despite coming from humble origins, took it upon him to set up an ideal and exemplar Educational Institutions whose primary goal and principle is to Provide Quality Education to the students of today and the citizens of tomorrow.

Mr. Shivakumar was born in 1970 in a small village in Bangalore Rural, unable to complete his education due to his family's poor conditions, he set out to traverse a path for himself. Where he stands today, speaks for itself. He is an inspiration and a role model to everyone around him. The saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way” is absolutely true in his case.

Harsha Institutions is one which provides education right from the grassroot levels of Pre-Schooling to Post-Graduate Education. Ranging from a CBSE school catering to the needs of children to various colleges providing higher education, Harsha Institutions is a one-stop destination which is capable of meeting all your educational needs. Courses like Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Allied Health Sciences, Paramedical Sciences, Management Studies are also a part of variety of courses available at HI.

There have indeed been many challenges as he has travelled down this path. But, with the constant support of his family- wife and Vice- Chairperson, Mrs. Girija Shivakumar, children and co- Secretaries, Mr. Harsha Shivakumar & Mr. Yashas Shivakumar and the brilliant set of staff that compose the Harsha Family, he has been able to comfortably navigate along this vigorous, demanding and energy requiring path. He set out with the goal of Providing Quality Education to the rural areas to ensure everyone is given an equal chance to succeed and progress in life, and with each step ahead that Harsha Institutions goes, this goal of his comes closer to fruition.

India is a country with an ever-growing population, with about 300 million students between Grade 1 and PG Education, India has probably one of the highest number of students in the world and each and every Educational Institution that comes up is indeed a necessary addition to meet the need of this mammoth country. Harsha Institutions sets itself apart by providing holistic education which has integrated both theoretical and practical education which is required for our students to set themselves apart in today's competitive world. We provide the feeling of a family which makes everyone feel that they are a part of something and doesn't let anyone feel left out.

Education is something that is a quintessential need for the country to progress ahead. With the rapid pace at which Harsha Institutions is growing and moving ahead, we have had many other Institutions come up around us, to provide education to those who need it. There have indeed been many who have been inspired by Mr. S. Shiva kumar to do what's necessary to get things done.

Education in India needs to be made more accessible, with our country now being most populous nation on Earth, the sheer number of resources required to meet the needs to this exponentially growing population is indeed less in the present scenario. Therefore, if given a chance, we would indeed like to take a step forward to making education more accessible.

Being in the field of education means that we ourselves have to be lifelong learners, learning never stops and goes on until the last moment. With each passing day, we learn something or the other which we didn't know before. To be a leader, is to lead others to success, we should always aim at being both a team player and a leader and not just the former. Imparting education and running an educational institution requires much amount of work, for that, we need to have a good team which can work synchronously to achieve common goals. Listening to your team, paying heed to their words and appreciating their efforts will also encourage them to strive and work harder.

Ultimately, whatever is achieved, is due to the collective efforts of all stake-holders and not just one individual.

The present-day education system in India is something which has been passed down from decades. It has improved and met with changes with each passing year. With the recent introduction of the National Education Policy, NEP 2020, several much-needed changes are being introduced. Though these changes may be slow to be implemented, once done, they will surely bring about a massive change.

The present-day system is aimed at ensuring that education is the same for everyone, it doesn't really cater to each individual's needs and makes it difficult for special students with abilities that are beyond the boundaries of a traditional educational approach.

As already mentioned, an effective leader must have these skills- listen, work as a team, take responsibility, give credit when needed and appreciate everyone's efforts. If these minimal skills are possessed, an effective leader can be thought to be in the making.

Without the staff of the Institutions, reaching this stage would have been impossible. We take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them for all that they have done. Each Housekeeping Staff, Security Staff, Driver, Helper, Lab Assistant, Librarian, PE, Co- curricular staff, Admin staff, Accounts staff, Managerial Staff, Teachers, Tutors, Lecturers, Professors and Principals have all contributed to the growth of HI and on the occasion of the 20th year Anniversary of Harsha Institutions, we would like to let them know that they play and indispensable role in HI and we are always grateful to them.