When you first meet Dr Manimekalai Mohan, the Founder and Managing Trustee of SSVM Group of Institutions, you will notice many distinct traits expected of an educationalist. However, as the conversation progresses, one can find many inspiring qualities that go beyond the role of an educator. Charming, humble, yet affirmative in her tone, Dr Manimekalai is an educationalist of modern times with a firm footing in our rich culture, values, and traditions. And that's what she teaches, preaches, and follows across all her school campuses dotting Coimbatore.

Dr Manimekalai Mohan is qualified in Rehabilitation Science and is backed by her husband, Mr Mohandoss, an MBA Graduate. Together, the couple changed the school education landscape in Coimbatore, and it all began in 1998 at Mettupalayam. "Starting a school was not an overnight decision for us. We both hail from different backgrounds but share a similar vision, i.e., to provide high-quality, holistic school education. It took significant grit and determination to achieve what we are today. We had 25 children in the first year, 100 by the second academic year, and by year 5, we moved into a sprawling campus” says Dr Mohan.

Today, under the canopy of SSVM Group, there are 7 schools affiliated to various prestigious Indian and International boards of education, including CBSE, IBDP & IBCP (Candidate School), Cambridge International, NIOS and Matriculation (Tamil Nadu State Board) offering excellent teaching and unparalleled education, with a great learning experience for children as young as 6 months to 18 years.

"Children spend more time in schools than at home after a certain age. Agree or not, that's a reality, and educational institutions play an undeniable role in charting their future. My job is more than an educationalist; I have taken up the responsibility of carving the career and life ahead for thousands of students in different age groups, with different demands, and with varied backgrounds. Of course, not all children are the same, but we treat everyone equally and strive hard for their career, personal development, and overall well-being," says Dr Manimekalai.

A quick campus visit to any SSVM Campus proves her correct. Equipped with modern, sophisticated infrastructure, sprawling campuses in the lap of greenery, spacious classrooms, expansive labs, and libraries, ensured by round-the-clock security, the institutions are helmed by exceptionally trained educators.

Dr Manimekalai reminisces about how challenging it was to create a network of educational institutions of premium quality. Back then, her idea of establishing a robust education system in Coimbatore was not envisioned by everyone. Therefore, there was a very low-level awareness of holistic education. “It was once common for people to be familiar with a fixed learning template with competitions. Only a few were able to see through my lenses and were in support of nurturing a child's passion, fostering values, and turning each learner into a confident individual with kindness and empathy, in conjunction with academic excellence and sports excellence”, says Dr Mohan.

The expert educationalist says one should be mindful of the impressionable age and how schooling can help them in their formative years. "It is imperative to stay informed about every child's physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Parents and teachers should work together to achieve it, which is one of the primary responsibilities," she reminds.

One of the challenges was during the pandemic. “We were approaching the end of the academic year, and the pandemic happened just out of the blue. However, we have not batted an eyelid for a second and transitioned to online classes seamlessly. The entire experience taught us to get ready to meet uncertainties that occur anytime in a lifetime. The students, teachers, support staff, and management got together and worked relentlessly during the pandemic and again during the transition to offline classes”, says Dr Manimekalai.

Online, offline, primary or higher studies, SSVM Group of Institutions is an abode of learning and holistic growth, a place to nurture youngsters

Here is the list of schools under the group:
  • 1998 - Shree Sarasswathi Vidhyaah Mandheer (Established Playschool)
  • 2002 - Shree Sarasswathi Vidhyaah Mandheer (Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi)
  • 2010 –  SSVM  World  School  (Affiliated  to    CBSE,    Delhi)
  • 2013 – Reeds World School (Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi)
  • 2013 - Shree Sarasswathi Vidhyaah Mandheer (Matriculation)
  • 2016 – SSVM (NIOS)
  • 2018 – SSVM School of Excellence (Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi)
  • 2019 – SSVM Prepversity – A Distinct Institute For IIT-JEE/NEET
  • 2021 – SSVM World School | A Cambridge International School
  • 2022– Ruh Early Years (A Premium Pre School - From 6 Months to 6 Years)
  • 2022– SSVM Heritage School
Facilities Available At SSVM Institutions:

Since 1998, SSVM has established itself as one of the top institutions with an educational model that combines international paradigms with Indian ethos. In addition to their picturesque campuses, linguistics laboratories, computer labs, 3D Printing, robotics labs, libraries, state-of-the-art auditoriums, aero-modelling & simulation space, and many more unique features, they help motivate and prepare the students for the future.

The uniform services at SSVM focus on leadership programmes through the National Cadet Corps, Army, Navy and Air Wing Units, Road Safety Patrol, Cubs, Bulbuls, Scouts, and Guides.

SSVM schools prioritise the safety and well-being of their students. Besides the comprehensive academic setting, the schools also offer a range of sports, arts, and co-curricular activities with excellent Day and Residential Programs, which help them to identify individual potential and follow their passion. The ongoing commitment to innovation is what makes SSVM a unique educational institution.