I believe that one needs to have a firm footing in both education and politics at this point in time, in order to understand education poli- cies, analyse the strengths and the lacunae of the system, and bring about significant and im- pactful changes in it.

My association with Al-Ameen College from 1996-1999 as the in-charge of Communication and Computer technology marked the beginning of my involvement in the world of education. Further to that, being Director of Decipher System Pvt limited from 1999- 2004 calibrated me to enhance inter-personal skills which is the bedrock of success in managing Human Resource in any Industry.

In 2001, we established the first DPS Bangalore South in Karnataka followed by DPS Bangalore North in 2002, DPS Bangalore East in 2006-7, DPS Mysore in 2012, DPS Electronic city in 2013 and recently, DPS Bangalore West in 2021.  It has been a decade’s worth of experiences and expertise gained from setting up the DPS schools that has honed  my abilities in establishing my own brand of schools - School Of India in Bannerghatta, Bangalore. 

My engagement as Secretary of Management of Independent CBSE Schools Association (MICSA) from 2010 onwards has helped further in my belief that strengthening the educational infrastructure is the only way forward. I have thus made it my mission to create an autonomous education board that guides and mentors the school, thus helping it emerge as the ‘thought leader’ in the education space.

Being the Editor and Publisher of Tarjuman – an Urdu Weekly, I have forayed into the literary and print media  space.  I am keenly involved in empowering the youth through my stint in politics and serve as the Chairman of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee Research Department.

Being able to express oneself clearly after analysing the pros and cons of what one wants to say is also a very important skill that I rely upon, one that has been crucial throughout my career.

Education defines the future of a country. Quality Education sets apart a country from others. Today, India has proven itself as an intellectual think tank - a huge percentage of the masterminds behind the world’s most successful corporations, research facilities, technological advancements and space exploration are global citizens of Indian ethnicity. So the education sector bears a huge responsibility upon its shoulders. Having witnessed my father’s passion and dedication towards providing quality education during my formative years, I embarked on this journey with him as a part of the Trustee body of the Al Ameen institutions and later as the Trust took up the franchise of setting up the presence of the DPS schools in Bangalore with resounding success. Today, having established our own individualistic brand, School Of India, we look to learn, grow, advance and impart education while holding on firmly to our roots - being Indian.

Learning the nitty-gritties of running an educational institution from my illustrious father and watching my family members establish their own vision has stood me in good stead. The need for quality education is very pronounced - now more than ever - as the world looks up to India as a country endowed with ancient culture and a large pool of academicians. 

With my father as my mentor and guide, I have also imbibed his conviction that excellence in education is the one sure method of elevating the society at large.

One unique feature about your educational institution that makes it different from the other institutions in the country

With a passion and commitment to establish one of the finest schools not just in Karnataka, but in India, we have set our vision to be a role model for all schools in India and globally, to democratize good quality education and build a learning environment that creates socially responsible and balanced global citizens. While being child centric, our focus is not just the intellectual development of young minds but also the physical, emotional, psychological and social development of the child.

As an Educator how have you influenced the fellow educators and the education fraternity ?

There have been innumerable instances throughout my career, that have taught, chiseled and made it second nature for me to always keep the goal in sight - and to always question “how can things be made better?”

 I realised my calling early in my career - it was the power to effect change that drew me. I have a dream now -  a dream of fulfilling the altruistic vision of enabling our dynamic young generation into true nation builders who will lead our country in the future.

The aim of the Education Sector should be to empower young learners to be compassionate and honest leaders, to develop their skills, attitudes, knowledge and outlook to meet the requirements on the world stage and to be self learners. The future generations of the country should be able to contribute to the betterment of society, technical advancement of the nation and bring up India as a true super power. As a citizen of the country that taught the world, we should endeavour to ensure that the future we envision actually becomes a reality.  A combined effort is required across the country where like minded educationists come together to develop dynamic citizens, and facilitate inclusivity so that students with different learning abilities are empowered. I’m working to realise that  aspiration in all my schools and endeavours.

If as an education influencer given a chance to be the change & see the change in the field of education what would you like the change to be and how?

The NEP aims to improve the delivery of quality education for all learners through digital means. The actual implementation with the full support and cooperation of all State Governments and Education Boards, quality monitoring, and performance analysis is a huge challenge that we must face in the next few years to come.

I would love to see the system change - to being more inclusive, research based, application oriented, encouraging self instruction, introduction and awareness of modern trends and opportunities amongst the masses, technology driven, etc. Emphasis should be given to skills rather than marks and scores. These are lofty ideals to have, and the realisation of even a few of these would be a huge win for the Indian Education system.

A common consensus on outdated curriculum, relevance of subjects / streams and groups to the requirements of the job market and a pronounced emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity are some key changes that I would like to see in the near future.

 As an educator how have you influenced the society ?

I would like to believe that the implementation of modern technological advancements in the field of education, transforming the traditional classroom into one that allows for diverse curriculum, experiential learning and unconventional methodoligies of teaching are some changes that I have tried to bring about.

Co-Curricular and extra curricular activities are given importance in our schools and that is one aspect that sets the DPS and SOI schools apart from others. We have students who undertake Creative pursuits, who are achievers in Sports, masterful at Coding, are budding Entrepreneurs and today, may even be young Social media influencers. Students are given opportunities and the permission to participate in various events, competitions or courses based on their interest and innate talents. Our teachers are ready to take extra sessions and assess these students as and when they are ready to take them up. Multiple Assessments, Enrichments, and alternate methods of grading students are adopted to encourage such young achievers. 

A major initiative that I have undertaken is ‘Transforming Instructional Practices’ by introducing digital learning and opportunities for extended education by working with experts in the industry. Everyone is on – boarded towards working to bring about the realization of our vision and mission.

A message you’d like to give to the upcoming professionals in the field of education with regard to the leadership qualities they must possess.

I'm still evolving, still learning, unlearning, and re-learning, I believe I'm a work in progress. And that is one attitude that I would like to see more of in young professionals - not just in the Education space, but in any space. We need people with a clarity of thought, who can express themseleves precisely and clearly, educationists who can foresee impending changes, and implement strategies after detailed and careful study of impact and outcome.

How does it feel when your team looks up as an influencer and what message would you like to give them?

I am humbled by the appreciation, and will strive to further my knowledge of the education sector and its functioning, so that I may be a cog in the wheel of change. There is a long way to go to achieve our vision of being leaders in imparting quality education at affordable rates, and to provide well designed spaces that are sensitive to the child's learning needs. The need to constantly better our methodolgies of delivering the right kind of instruction in order to create empathetic, responsible students with a global outlook is one that will never end, as the education space itself is constantly evolving. That is the challenge that all educationists face.

  • Founder- School of India, General Secretary- Managements of Independent CBSE Schools of Karnataka