Every journey comes with a number of obstacles. The more established a domain, the lesser the scope for innovation . My Journey was started as a ground duty officer in Indian Air-force but due to endless thirst and hunger for teaching and learning I have resigned myself from the post and joined as PGT in a residential Inter-college named Electra Vidhyapeeth, Meerut in 1989. Due to my hard work and devotion to the institute I was promoted to HOD soon and then became Senior Supervisor of Electra Vidhyapeeth, and bagged many prizes and awards too. I was awarded for the best house Master and the Best teacher award, Shield and certificate – were presented to me by Hon'ble Lal Krishan Advani Leader of opposition in parliament, thereafter in the chain of successful journey I Joined as a Principal in Maharishi Vidya Mandir Modinagar in 1994 and performed my duties excellently for three years and was awarded for Best principal Award by Maharishi Shikshan Sansthan. Luckily, success was constantly knocking at the door and I got an opportunity to be Director Principal of Saint Vivekananda Senior Secondary Public school where I had been inducted in the year 1997 and worked up to 8th May2009. During my service Saint Vivekananda Sr. Sec. Public School was one of the prominent schools of Agra Division having its recognition in twenty subjects up to senior secondary level in different streams. This school was known for its good result and education based on principles, ethics and values under my supervision and hard work. From 9th May 2009 onwards I resigned myself from the post of Director-Principal of St. V.N.S.S. School, Etawah and laid foundation of my own dream school by forming Suditi Educational Group. Suditi Global Academy, Manipuri, Suditi Global Academy, Etawah, Suditi Global Academy, Auraiya, Suditi Global Academy, JASWANT Nagar (Etawah) & Suditi Global Academy, Firozabad are running under my supervision and directorship.

In My career as an Educator I have received lot of Awards , prominent of them are like “ JEWEL OF INDIA , “GEM OF INDIA” , “ PRANT RATNA “ , “INDIRA GANDHI EXCELLENCE AWARD” , “EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION” , “CV RAMAN GOLD AWARD” and many more. In the series of honors, I have been also awarded with CBSE TEACHER AWARD in 2016-17 .

Being an educator, I am trying to light the divine flame of Spiritual knowledge for the helpless people. I also want to set a platform of real education to make the student able for different type of services for the mankind. I believe that India is a land of saints , sages and social workers , During teaching and learning , I have seen so many ebbs and flows in my life which has taught me the administration must be barred on accomplishing self-respect , confidence and mutual love irrespective of caste , creed and other parochial sentiments. As an educator, educator's journey represents a lifelong commitment to learning, not only about your content area, grade level, curriculum changes. School policy , and technological innovations, but about true passion for new knowledge and skills that make you more effective as a professional and a human being. As an educator, I have analyzed competent to diagnose and prescribe options for educational success and significance.

My hope for the educational fraternity is to see a growing and pervasive practice of practitioner inquiry among teachers. Whether it is the nurturing of cognitive, social or emotional aspects of the student, teachers play a significant role in making a difference in the lives of students. To make a difference, teaching needs to become a learning profession. It is crucial that teachers continue to advance their skills in delivering stimulating lessons and improve classroom practice. Thus, continuous professional learning is an integral part of a teacher's work.

I would like to see education system as an education gainer rather than marks gainer. I strongly believe the a Question Paper or a report card can't define the future of a child. A singer or a sportsperson don't require a degree but the talent related to their field . Albert Einstein Said : “if we judge a fish on its climbing ability , it will live its whole life believing that , it is stupid”. Along with a holistic and multidisciplinary education would aim to develop all capacities of human beings, aesthetic, social, physical emotional, and moral in an integrated manner. Such a holistic education shall be, in the long term the approach of all educational programs, including those in professional, technical and vocations disciplines. Education is a public service, access to quality education must be considered as a basic right of every child.

All my fellow colleagues are also creating the future of the nation by providing education to the students of almost all the religious belief, economic status . Thus by providing education we all are creating strong nation by providing education to all the students of every family. we have to inculcate the feeling of constant support to our students and their parents by instructing them for the preparation of future world. Society is changing rapidly and parents must change their attitude towards their attitude towards their son and daughter.

As an educator we must train parents to understand the feelings of students and support them understanding them because the world is changing rapidly so the education and it's theory from constant beating to constant support.

The school and home are the two basic structure that build the society. Every student learns firstly from home then the school. If we could prepare these two structures combined with culture and moral values, society will surely rise to make the nation Wishwaguru . According to me education is the chief ingredient to prepare the nation successful and blissful and set an example in almost all the spheres of building the nation. We should inculcate the feeling of cultural development and advanced education so that the outcome of all these optimistic feeling resulted in making the society cultured.

A teacher is first a leader who is adorned with all the positive qualities needed to make the nation strong and leading to the developed nations race. A teacher is not the only one who teaches in the class only , but also who can teach them the moral values and inculcate them the qualities to face the challenges of the contemporary time and even the future time also.

An educational professional must believe in themselves and strive hard to make the nation a successful one.