Dr. Suresh Reddy – Founder & Chairperson (Candor Group of Schools), possesses an extraordinary vision and unceasing optimism that helped him to turn adversity into opportunity when he was in the USA a decade ago. Dr. Suresh’s vision is to provide ‘International Education’ that is affordable, accessible, holistic and teaches children real-world skills. His inspiration has been the children themselves. He believes that, for children to succeed, they must learn more moral & ethical integrity coupled with leadership skills. They should help their parents to understand that the world is changing, and children must open up to new and innovative ideas.

How would you describe your journey as an educator?

As the contemporary age of globalised village demands preparedness for future challenges, the conventional mode of schooling and educational practices cannot be promising enough. Hence, I felt that nurturing children to become global citizens is a necessity. I also realised that there is a rising trend where parents opt for an overall learning experience rather than just academic excellence.

One unique feature about your educational institution that makes it different from the other institutions in the country.

Being an authorised school for International Baccalaureate & Cambridge curricula,

I felt that a suitable environment is created so that the school focuses on the child's holistic development, ensuring to inculcate the virtue of an inquirer, both in school and in the world beyond. The school's priorities begin with helping students so that each one of them are known and valued as an individual in his or her own right, and that school life has a meaning and purpose for them.  

As an Educator how have you influenced the fellow educators and the education fraternity?

I ensure that CANDOR provides students with reliable information and deepens their understanding of the challenges that they face. I feel that students are also provided with the intellectual skills required to reflect critically on these challenges and on the influences that society brings to bear on them, including through peer pressure, advertising, social media, and family and cultural values

If as an education influencer given a chance to be the change & see the change in the field of education what would you like the change to be and how?

The change that I would like to bring is to bridge the gap between the academics and industry needs. I, would like the primary objective of an educational ecosystem, to pave the way for a holistic development of each and every student.

There are two factors to help and empower the learners. The first is a customised learning environment that encourages and supports each student to develop their passions. Building a strong foundation is the second step, where literacy and math continue to be essential.

As an Influential Educator how would you encourage developing leadership capacity amongst your fellow colleagues?

As much as I think from the students perspective, I would like to create an environment with the key attributes of IB such as  being inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open- minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective and the same to be transferred to the students.. The Leadership should adopt technology along with educational excellence, to make children learn best and share their intuitions and passions unbridled. I am of the opinion of - Creating an Ecosystem—Inclusive, Progressive and Success Oriented.

As an educator how have you influenced the society?

According to me "Teaching is not a spectator sport, neither is learning." In the contemporary educational scenario, it has become important that academics and co curricular activities infuse students with the soft skills required in international corporates.

What is your take about the present-day educational system in our country?

Contrary to the stereo type of education that exists, I feel that there is a need to introduce the modern teaching method, which is activity-based and centres around the learner's mind, which involves them entirely in the process of learning. The learner is the main focus of curriculum preparation and teaching in the modern teaching approach. In this manner, students actively engage in the entire process to increase their knowledge and develop their abilities.

A message you’d like to give to the upcoming professionals in the field of education with regard to the leadership qualities they must possess

Learning begins at birth, and from that point on, every parent is essential to their child's education. When the child enters school, this role remains the same. In order for the students' education to go as fully and smoothly as possible, we as a school should try to establish close relationships with both the students and their parents." It is important to understand about how failure is the key to success and help them with their leadership & communication skills.

How does it feel when your team looks up as an influencer and what message would you like to give them?

I always tell my team to be ready to take risks and always look at the positive side, be proactive rather than reactive and learn from mistakes. I believe in team work, supporting each other and becoming stronger. My personal growth and success have been possible only because of my passion and focus on work and a ‘never give up attitude’.