I started my journey as an educator in the year 1979, and continuing till date. I embarked on this journey after I lost my first child. The loss of my child drew me closer to kids and developed in me a passion to embrace them. Prior to this, I was working as a stenographer. I belong to an upper middle class family and am blessed with a son and a daughter who are now well settled. My husband is retired now and has rendered his services as the Deputy Collector. The journey has been quite an enriching one as it has groomed me to help children shape their lives with positivity. Being a teacher has inspired a belief in me that there are plenty of opportunities to be leaders and also make new leaders of the future. I have developed the qualities of a teacher by contributing to the body of knowledge and the development of the school community. I have worked on and set up many people driven processes that help the organisation to be wholesome. I am a stickler and ensure that the processes are in place.

One unique feature about your educational institution that makes it different from the other institutions of the country.

The school stands on three strong pillars– Academics, Operations and Health Safety and Child Protection. The USP of the institution is the committed workforce. Every student is in himself/ herself a valuable budding entity. The school has Standard Operating Procedures laid out for almost all the processes of the school. The school has been one of its kind when it took up the ISO Accreditation for the first time in the Twin cities. The institution believes in innovating, adapting and equipping itself, and thereby its beneficiaries, for any challenges that the times throw at it.

As an Educator how have you influenced the fellow educators and the education fraternity?

I derive a sense of satisfaction in believing, preaching and practising, “Leaders don't create followers. They create more Leaders”. This defines my journey as an educator to a certain extent. Through such leaders, the ideas and practices reach a multitude of students and staff. Conducting workshops and discussion forums have added another dimension to being in connect with fellow educators. Sharing and assimilating are the key mantras of growth. After these many years of service, when my alumni visit me thanking me for their achievements, I feel that is the greatest achievement I have. The same goes with the teaching fraternity. Staff members who come back and express how instrumental I have been in their growth infuses a sense of accomplishment.

If as an education influencer given a chance to be the change & see the change in the field of education what would you like the change to be and how?

Making education available to the poorest of the poor is a vision I cherish. Mobilising the students of the schools to achieve this is a dream awaiting wings to transform into reality. Not only creating small groups that would effectively disseminate knowledge to the underprivileged, but also making it an effective part of the curriculum is what every school should venture into. One may foresee many hurdles, yet to seed the thought into the budding edupreneurs and creating a giant wave beginning with an everlasting rippling effect is something I would like to see happening.

As an Influential Educator how would you encourage developing leadership capacity amongst your fellow colleagues?

Jack Welch said, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Pinning my stake on this thought, I create opportunities and an atmosphere of healthy competitiveness for the developing leaders to showcase their capabilities which they themselves are sometimes unaware of. The leadership development process first needs to focus on the impact that the teacher leader has on the factors such as the teaching culture of the school, the student requisites which are some of the key elements. A strong driving force and stiff competition of outperforming the others is what triggers the outstanding performers who emerge as leaders with exceptional talent.

Drive home the point that it is necessary to have frequent conversations, interactions with mentors. Boosting the professional development and personal growth of the ones who have been noticed to have the calibre is indispensable. This is needed across all levels of leadership.

As an educator how have you influenced society?

Educators play the most vital role in moulding the structure of the society, the socialisation of the young generation and maintenance of proper social order is one of the main functions of education. To a great extent, I have been able to mould both the then errant students and the gifted ones. Our ex-students invest time in non-profit organisations and spread kindness around. They are also involved in shaping the younger children of the school who aim to spreadout into the society. The students of all grades in the school are encouraged to do their bit of Community Service by reaching out to orphanages, old age homes and the like.

What is your take about the present-day educational system in our country?

Modern day education aims at the complete development of the personality of an individual. Its main vision is towards all round development so that every individual is capable enough to face any challenges in life and harnesses his / her inner potential for social betterment. The educational system now has become more inclusive as compared to that of yester years. It also makes available a wide array of subjects comparatively.

A message you'd like to give to the upcoming professionals in the field of education with regard to the leadership qualities they must possess.

Having a vision is non-negotiable. As leaders, they need to have a farsighted approach and be well read to catch the pulse of what is happening around while still holding ground in the present. This also brings to the fore the importance of equipping oneself with the nuances of technology as needed. Effective communication is yet another aspect of being a good leader. Let your communication be crisp and clear.

How does it feel when your team looks up as an influencer and what message would you like to give them?
It is a matter of great honour to be looked up to by the team members. It does not come easily. The team's affinity to its leader takes root in fair play and in holding the helm with responsibility. So definitely, this feeling is highly cherished.