“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

Going down the memory lane, I could recollect my childhood when I was a small school going boy in Senior Secondary School, Joghon, a small village of Himachal Pradesh. The challenges faced during my early years of engineering inspired me to have a school where the children of this rural area get the best of exposure and education. I have always thoughts that children should learn and absorb knowledge, and try out ways to make their learning potentially strong so that they could touch the sublimity of life through simple and easy way of learning.

My journey as an educationalist started with 2 years of research before the inception of the school in 2001 . After developing , a comprehensive understanding of the changing needs and paradigms of school education realizing that the whole pedagogical approach for education should shift from 'teaching' based to 'learning' based, so as to prepare 'life-long learners' with ignited minds. With this thought in mind I started, Doon Valley Public School which has now completed more than two decades. The journey that had started at the turn of the millennium has never paused. The vision that was initially carved out is collectively shared and felt amongst thousands today. When I look back, I feel proud of the milestones achieved so far.

This journey of unlearning and learning was so enticing for me that it has become my lifelong passion.

A faculty of international repute, a highly motivated and brilliant student community, excellent technical and supporting staff and an effective administration have all contributed to make our school different from other. The Institute is proud to bear the laureate of being No.1 Co-Ed day school of Himachal Pradesh for consecutively three years by Education world and Education today. The self- contained campus located in a beautiful valley on the foothills of Himachal in about 5 acres creates a serene and peaceful learning environment which enables our students to develop their ethics, morals, vocabulary and spirit to work towards excellence which helps to distinguish Doonities from the next door students due to the creativity and brevity instilled.

As an academician, I have always been committed to advance the education community and support my fellow educators. I believe that in order to provide the best possible education for our students, we must constantly strive to improve our own knowledge and skills as educators. We have to go beyond the traditional silos of knowledge, providing our students & teachers with a comprehensive understanding of the world around them. To that end, I have dedicated myself to foster a culture of ongoing professional development and collaboration within our school and beyond. Through workshops, conferences, and mentorship programs, to equip the teachers with the latest pedagogical practices and cutting- edge technologies. I am proud to have made a positive impact on the education community, and I look forward to continue this work in the years to come.

To implement this change, I would work to create flexible, student-centered environment that allows self-directed learning promoting collaboration and critical thinking. This includes providing students with opportunities to take ownership of their education and pursue their passions through project-based learning, experiential learning, hands-on experiences with integration of technology.

Overall, my goal as an ingenious planner in the field of education would be to create a dynamic and innovative education system that inspires and empowers students to reach their full potential.

As an educationalist, I would encourage the development of leadership capacity among my fellow colleagues by providing opportunities for professional development, establishing mentorship programs, building relationships, fostering teamwork, and providing hands-on experience in leadership roles, recognizing and rewarding outstanding leaders.

I believe that we can encourage the development of leadership capacity among our colleagues and build a strong and effective team of educators.

As a Philanthropist, social influence is developed not just by behavior but it is a result of specific action, command, or request, which brings an alteration in the attitudes and behaviors in response to what the influencer perceive others might do or think. I have been working as the President of NISA (National Independent Schools Association) Solan region to uplift the standards of education . As a resident of Nalagarh, I have taken numerous initiatives by constituting a Nalagarh Heritage Society, working as the Secretary for the NHS along with the local administration and other fellow mates. We have developed the Nalagarh Heritage Park providing the best ambience, a library, a café, an amphitheater etc. We have even adopted a nearby village and provide resources to a school named Shikha Kunj to support the students belonging to economically weaker sections.

As an environmentalist, I have been working to conserve the natural vegetation and wildlife of Himachal, set up a Solar plant, Rain harvesting plant & Ground water replenishment plant for the welfare of the society. My motto of life is to touch souls and create morally and principally strong pillars of our nation. 

The education system in India has made significant progress in recent years, but we still face challenges, the government has taken steps to improve the educational system, such as launching the National Education Policy 2020, which aims to provide universal access to quality education and increase the focus on skills-based learning with the integration of technology which will improve access and efficiency in delivering education, particularly in remote and rural areas. In a nutshell, there are challenges & there are also promising initiatives and efforts underway to improve the educational system in India.

The upcoming professionals in the field of education must possess a spirit of Collaboration, Integrity, Strategic Thinking, Student-Centered Approach, Emotional Intelligence and a will to be committed to continuous improvement.

As an education influencer, it is certainly a great honor when your team looks up to you as a leader and source of inspiration ,ethically , it becomes my moral responsibility to cater their expectation and portray high standards of wisdom and vision so that we can create enthusiastic learners and good human beings and have a positive impact on society.

  • President, Solan region- NISA (National Independent Schools Association) | Leaders in Education