“Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate”

When I reminiscence my childhood, I was embraced by Pedagogues at home. My family had many teachers and I was raised with lots of “teacher talks”

My uncle Venkitapathy, used to bring exam papers for correction, and I used to be inquisitive. These activities got deeply rooted in my thoughts and greatly influenced my career decisions. Their impacts sowed a seed in me, in becoming an educator in Tirupur. I feel lucky to follow the path of my family members.

It's been 30 years since I stepped into this profession. I strongly feel teaching is the only profession where you can be a lifelong learner and an added blessing is “Staying connected with the student community.”

As a teacher, one has the broader possibility of inspiring young minds to become great humans and carve a niche for the students. Passionately started this school, Little Kingdom in the year 1999, which was the first CBSE school in Tirupur to get affiliated till the X standard in the year 2009.

It has been a blissful journey to travel with teachers who strive to become better everyday to instill education along with values in the young minds.

The initial days were a learning period for me as an Entrepreneur, all about the norms of the Education Department, the rules and regulations to start an educational institution, the nail biting inspections, lots of queries to be answered, and many more memories down the lane.

But in spite of all these hardships I was able to get the affiliation from the CBSE board, in the year 2009 . Words can' t express my emotions,”1930227” will be the best combination of numbers I will always cherish in my life, as it's the affiliation number given to us by the CBSE board, New Delhi.

All our students are aware of their surroundings. We are the first school in Tirupur to go with the MOM concept ( Mindfulness, being Organized and Minimalism) . Our students know the need to be self sustainable and the need to be mindful in whatever they do. They were taken on a city tour to make them comprehend how unmindful we are about our environment, how inhuman we are to the natural resources and they were taught the need to be accountable for their actions. And that's how we initiated making of Eco bricks(where students collect the polythene bags and all sorts of polythene from their homes and neighborhood and stuff them in plastic bottles and make them into ECO bricks and we are proud to inform that we have built two structures using the ECO bricks gifted by our students and these structures are our pride wall.

Another unique feature of our school space is the Democratic Culture. We always ensure that each child has his or her own say in every decision we take for them. We go with the polling system and each class frames their own rules. This invisibly plays a big role in grooming them to be more disciplined, organized, to have integrity in their work and cautious enough not to break the rules set by them.

The first change I would like to bring in the field of education will be demolition of caste based entry. India being a secular country should abolish this system. We have completed 75 fruitful years of independence and still there are places in India which is far deprived from development. Education should be accessible to all and government schools should give quality education to the students who join in. Also as per NEP 2020, lots of thoughts are pouring in to exchange resources. We are totally for it and will love to invite students from other schools to visit our schools and learn things by doing, the experiential way.

Our city known as the KNIT CITY, is a place where there's lots of scope for Entrepreneurs in the clothing industry. So we have Finance Markets Management as a subject for students from IX to XII. This subject has given them an insight into share markets, trends in the market, how to use money wisely and above all they learn about wise investments. As an educator, I felt that anything that starts from schools carries well and so we took initiatives to bring awareness among the students regarding the hazards of using polythene bags. Our school students visited more than 50 villages in and around Tirupur and spread the message of the ill effects of using plastics. The initiation started with our school students learning to make paper bags and distributing it free of cost to the nearby shops and also collecting the polythene bags from their homes and neighborhood and making eco bricks. This small initiation has sown lots of positivity in our students and also their families.

This has been a great breakthrough for our students who make sure to collect even the smallest of polythene bag and bring it to school to contribute in making of ECO bricks.

Holistic education is the buzz word and the new NEP 2020 is a great relief to many of us. It has all the ingredients to make our country a skill based country. NEP 2020 has great scope for the future citizens, where getting a degree alone will not be the need of the hour, but honing your skills for a better survival is all what will make the difference. As India has a dearth for leaders, true implementation of NEP will create more leaders.

Updation is the key, you need to be compassionate, empathetic and every teacher who enters this profession shall be on choice and not on chance and they shall be lifelong learners.

I feel motivated to do even better for my teachers and my students. Having travelled to more than 9 countries, I bring the best of what education does in these countries and train them to uphold those beautiful techniques which they do in various countries. My teachers are more equipped with lots of teaching methodologies and every teacher of this school moves towards achieving the vision of the school by teaching the students the life lessons they need to compete in this big bountiful world.