When and how did you start your journey as an educator and how many years have you dedicated to education fraternity ?

I am blessed to be born in the family of teachers. I had always been influenced by my teachers. I was fortunate to have some of the best faculties as my mentors. In fact, my mother was also a teacher! Hence,  I had inspiration at home!

I started my journey as a Mathematics teacher and since then there has been no turning back. Right from the beginning, I was very clear that I had to bring about reforms in our education system. Indraprastha gave me opportunity to do so. Indraprastha is currently in its 20th year of inception. The journey has definitely not been easy, but yes, eventful. We have established ourselves as ' Schools of Excellence'. Indraprastha schools believe in providing high quality, outstanding value education in a supportive, friendly, dynamic, reflective and challenging learning environment.

Indraprastha schools focus on innovations and newer approaches to the process of teaching- learning. We lay a lot of emphasis on 21st century skills. The teachers are regularly trained and updated to handle all challenges and they, in turn, become mentors. Regular orientation workshops are conducted for all teachers as a part of Faculty Enrichment Program. Initiating Partnership with children in the classroom, developing personal skills, adopting effective methodology, helping every child to learn at her/his own pace & ability, education through theatre, Integrating ICT, network security management and ERP, effective methods of teaching English phonetics, maintaining Anecdotal Records of each child etc. are some of the workshops conducted.

How would you describe your journey as an educator?
My journey as an educator has been very rewarding and gratifying. I have grown as an individual, learning something new every day.

I believe that the purpose of education is to arouse the creative perceptions in a child, nurture the latent talent and instil courage and confidence empowered with knowledge, innovation and intelligence to enable her/him to steadily navigate through the perilous global terrain strewn with challenges. School is the first stepping stone to formal education. It is here that a child imbibes values, combined with sound knowledge and skills which equip her/him with all pre-requisites, to accept all challenges of life with conviction and a positive attitude.

One unique feature about your educational institution that makes it different from the other institutions in the country.

Indraprastha Schools stand committed to provide comprehensive education, keeping in view the country's rich heritage and cultural background and open opportunities for the development of different facets of the child's personality. Besides academic excellence and intellectual development, the school endeavours to help each child discover and develop her/his innate talents and abilities. It seeks to instil in the children good habits, positive attitude and values.

The mission of Indraprastha is to transform young minds into enthusiastic young future global citizens with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others and the courage to hold onto their beliefs. We help them establish values that will allow them to act with thoughtfulness and humanity. Indraprastha believes that education allows the child to grow and blossom in accordance with his/her innate potential and pace. We envisage a system which aims at a multifaceted flowering of the child's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual personality. Our endeavour is to impart education that goes beyond the parameters of formal schooling and prepares pupils to face life's realities and take their rightful place in the modern world.

If, as an education influencer, given a chance to be the change & see the change in the field of education, what would you like the change to be and how?

I have always believed that education has the power to empower everyone. It is through education that we can bring about radical changes in the world. Due to the advancement in technology, the world has become a global village and it is not difficult, any more, to reach out to people even in the remote corners of the planet. Thus, influencing people with varied knowledge to inspire every child in every nook & corner of the country to learn & to be a better learner has become easy. Also, one major change that I have already initiated is the innovation in pedagogical practices. Learning should be fun so that the heart desires to learn and the flexibility to learn the subject of one's own choice, at one's own pace. We, as educators, need to not just cover the syllabi, but 'uncover and discover' it.

What is your take about the present-day educational system in our country?

From rote learning to experiential learning, from subject intensive to art integrated and interdisciplinary learning, from textual to skill based learning, education has come a long way. The education system of the country is on ascent and I wish that every new session witnesses new innovations in the teaching – learning process.

A message you'd like to give to the upcoming professionals in the field of education with regard to the leadership qualities they must possess.

A perfect balance of traditional and contemporary is something I consider as the magic potion for success. I have always believed in the fact that a tree cannot grow upright, if it doesn't have strong roots to support its growth. Similarly, the students cannot develop into responsible and successful global citizens without being firmly rooted to their culture, tradition and values. Everything we do at the school, whether it is a scholastic activity or a co scholastic one, we ensure that the learners imbibe the values, the life skills and rise above the ordinary. It is probably on account of value education and skill development, that our students today excel in all the domains of learning.

How does it feel when your team looks up as an influencer and what message would you like to give them?

I don't think I am an 'influencer'. I am merely a facilitator. I ensure that my team is motivated enough to set new paradigms of teaching-learning. A true leader is not the one who leads, but the one who inspires and motivates the team members to become self-sufficient and independent, and excel in their respective domains. I wish to convey to my team members that each one of them is an equal partner in the success stories that we create. It is their support which has ensured that I continue to be a 'facilitator'.