Our vision

To provide stress-free education that….
  • ➤ enables children to blossom to their fullest potential.
  • ➤ broadens the vision and deepens the root.

“Every parent would like to have a child whose personality shines wherever the child goes. It is the personality that is appreciated everywhere. Such pleasing personality is what is the main aim of this education.”

When and how did you start your journey as an educator and how many years have you dedicated to education fraternity along with a brief introduction about you?

I aspired to be an Educator and realized my dream in 1994 when I joined Nosegay Public School. I reached the zenith of self-actualization when the idea of Blooming Dales International School was conceived with the impelling force of Madam Rita J.P. Singh. So the majestic BDIS was founded in 2001 with the never-ending support of the "Bharti Charitable Trust ".

I have given 28 years of my life to this profession, and I truly feel humbled by the way it has permeated my life and made me a better person. My association of 22 years with the Art-of-Living Foundation has served as the icing on the cake in my life.

How would you describe your journey as an Educator?

My journey as an Educator has been wholesome, challenging, and exuberant. What keeps me going is the little saplings planted in the garden of the knowledge to blossom in the full capacity. Not only this, but the resplendent achievements of my children in different realms of life is what propels me. As alumni, when they come to meet me personally for their achievements, that is the fruit I have reaped in my journey as an educator.

How would you describe your journey as an Educator?
The National Education Policy, 2020 recognizes the need to leverage the use of technology to modernize the education system. Recognizing the boom of this education shift, we train our mentors to augment their expertise with visual presentations. Not only this, regular assessments, career counseling, 1-1 personalized lesioning with parents makes us to march ahead with a difference.

In our bid to impart quality education, we have opted for the best of curricula, be it Teach-Next, Oxford, X-Seed. Exposure to such curricula gives an edge to our students.

I further believe that our persistent efforts to give quality education with a gargantuan dose of ethics is what makes us stand out from other institutions.

As an educator, how have you influenced the fellow educators and the education fraternity?

We, here in BDIS, have a vision to provide stress-free education that enables children to blossom to their fullest potential.

Also, every parent would like to have a child whose personality shines wherever he goes. Our duty is to mould the persona of the young one in such a way that is appreciated everywhere.

Keeping our vision and mission in view, I believe that education should be child-centric. I try to create a bond with every innocent heart in my school. I believe that once you tap into the minds of the children, they fervently start following you, and at this point you can inculcate all the values you want them to have just by setting an example for them. So, I urge my teachers as well, to lead by example and create a positive impact on their lives and personalities for we educators are the creators of a better future for the students in particular, society and the motherland In general and for the Planet Earth in totality.

As an influential educator how would you encourage developing leadership capacity amongst your fellow colleagues?
Being an educator first and Principal afterwards, I know that every educator is unique and possesses different skills. So, their way of imparting the knowledge will be unique. Therefore, we provide the liberty to the educators to lead their own way and follow their heart but always take their brain along with them. By doing so, we give authority to educators which fosters a sense of responsibility in them. This in turn makes them accountable for their actions. Executing this way tends to develop leadership qualities in them. This doesn't mean that we dwell on the principle of laissez-faire, though we monitor them with hawk's eye but do not intervene unless and until it's imperative.

As an educator how have you influenced the society?

I am an ardent disciple of Art-of-Living and an educator. Preachings of Gurudev have brought colossal change in my outlook. I assiduously believe that meditation, yoga, and self introspection are the panaceas to all maladies. Therefore, I urge my teachers, parents, and students to flavour this nectar of knowledge as it would foster stress-free environment not only in the school but also bring positive transformation in the society.

What is your take on the present-day educational system in our country?

The NEP 2020 proposes a pedagogical structure that aims to make education more holistic, multidisciplinary, and skill-oriented. This would pave the way for experiential learning and critical thinking.

Technology integration has turned every class to virtual classrooms, this would further overhaul teachers competency where they need to upscale their methodology to train the future policy makers.

With the revolution of the education system, the private sector is putting its heart and soul into the betterment of the upcoming youth.

How does it feel when your team looks up to you as an influencer, and what message would you like to give them?
As an influencer to my team, I always motivate them to look after themselves in today's hectic world. For doing that, meditation is the key. Synchronization of mind and breath will definitely give exquisite results and will keep stress at bay.

Moreover, I urge my staff to face the difficulties with an indefatigable mindset and not run away from them, for the best in a person surfaces only when they face their fears with infallible willpower and emerge victoriously over them.