Ms Meeta Sharma is the Principal of MIS. She, has had an extensive career, spanning 25 years, in School education. She grew up in Canberra, Australia and completed the Master of Science (M.Sc. Chemistry) – Gold Medalist, from the North Eastern Hill University, NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya, India in 1992. She qualified the UGC, CSIR NET for Government lectureship/ Junior Research Fellowship in chemical sciences in 1994. She completed the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from the College of Education, Nasik/ Y R Chavan Maharashtra University, Nasik in 2005. Her interest in education lead her to explore the latest pedagogical trends in education which culminated in IPGCE – International Post Graduate Certificate in Education (2014-2016) from the Institute of Education (IOE), University of London, U.K. As well as professional teaching qualifications, she has qualified the AWES as PGT Chemistry by Army Welfare Education Society in 2003. She is also a Qualified Ham Radio operator; Grade I (Now general Grade) Ministry of Tele- communication, India. She is an avid trekker, loves to swim and read in her spare time. As she has a true sense of vocation, Ms. Meeta chose a career in teaching because she believed it was in education that she could make her greatest contribution to society and find the most rewarding work.

Ms. Meeta Sharma is a visionary in the field of education and has been actively defining the shifting borders of school education with her ideas that germinated during her long rich experiences in few of the most premium institutions nationally and internationally. Ms. Sharma believes that today's school education must thrive to become an experience towards the creation of thinkers and action takers. The seed to a beautiful mind is sown in the Eden of schools, is her conviction.

Ms. Sharma initiated the take-off curve of her career from The Doon School, where she worked for an impressive period of 13 years in the capacity of the Head of Science Department, her subject of expertise being Chemistry. Armed with Masters in Chemistry and the latest pedagogies in education from the IOE London, she has served as the Principal in Mody School, Laxmangarh, Sawai Man Singh School, Jaipur, where her work towards fostering international mindedness has provided the schools with new dimensions. She also ideated and implemented her philosophy of collaborative planning and founded an international school at Karjat, Mumbai as a concrete form to her vision. In Mody school, Ms Sharma was the pioneer in setting up the 'Mody Academy of Manners and Etiquette' in collaboration with the Canadian Finishing School, 'In Good Company, Etiquette Academy and Finishing School'. Her proven efficiency in taking the school ahead on the lines of NABET accreditations, ISA and Green Platinum Award makes her a leader of today. Currently, she is engaged in creating the ground that would lead to the spirit of global citizenry in a form more pronounced and magnified in Mussoorie International School which is an exclusive all girls boarding school and boasts an extremely rich educational legacy of 39 years benchmarked against international standards of people, process and programmes while being tucked up in the pristine hills of the Shivalik ranges. At MIS, she has added to the aspect more feather to internationalism by introducing International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme making MIS the only school to have PYP in Uttarakhand. The achievements reflecting the rich experience of Ms. Sharma in the form of prestigious awards (IAYP, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Award Leader 2013, Triennial Service Award , The Doon School in November 2009 and 2012, Best Educationist Award 2016-2017 by the Interaction Institute of Education and Management New Delhi, SOF Best District Principals Award, Social activist award from the IDF (Indian Development Foundation), National school Education Summit and Awards 2017 for excellent contribution in education, Uttarakhand Rattan Award 2018 for breaking patterns and creating global change) is percolating down to the functioning of MIS and its dynamism.

To take a leaf from the varied, vibrant ideations of Ms. Meeta, as she is known to the circle of school leaders, her thinking towards inculcating the spirit of giving, the spirit of paying forward, the spirit to serve the not so privileged is probably closest to her heart. Being a trainers' trainee of the International Award of Young People, often known as Edenborough Award, she has been actively involved in projects to usher sustainable development to the organizations. In all her assignments of leadership in various institutions, she has been initiating a robust programme of community development, thus adding to the approach of learning through serving. Presently, the project of 40 hours of community work in a year, both by the students and staff alike at Mussoorie International School along with the adoption of two hill villages of Uttarakhand embodies her vision of community service.

Ms. Sharma in addition to being a constructivist educationist is an ace administrator who believes in sustainable growth through sharing the agency of voice, choice and accountability to all members. The respective roles responsibilities have a clear appropriate sense of direction and proposed continuity. All members of the board of trustees as well as the staff at school align decision-making, practices and the policies with the CIS code of ethics. The CIS code of ethics forms the basis of all roles and responsibilities, thus created a safe zone for all.

Living in nature and living with nature is what, according to Ms. Sharma, must form the essence of spiritual education that must begin in a discreet manner at an early age. In the process of socio- environmental and cultural evolution, the schooling of our children and the philosophy underlying it, she says cannot remain static for a long period of time. She has undertaken an impressive number of treks and expeditions with her students to develop a strong connection with nature.

Beyond all her achievements, what shines as her persona is that of a loving teacher who is always around with the warmth of her smile!