The Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Madras has reinvented the BTech curriculum for India to help its students meet the demands of modern and technological developments. This is by far, the most student-friendly engineering curriculum in India, in terms of curricular demand as well as flexibility. The newly revamped programs also allow for early exits from the programs, for those that desire freedom. These changes have been implemented following the rigorous recommendations of an Institute Curriculum Task Force, orienting it towards employment, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. The institute has updated the academic system to offer unprecedented flexibility, increased interdisciplinary learning, hands-on projects and entrepreneurship opportunities as early as in the second year of the BTech programme. The total number of credits in BTech has been rationalised after extensive feedback from alumni and students, resulting in the wall clock hours of demand per degree reducing from 436 to 400 hours.

Source- Indiatoday