The US Embassy and Consulates in India project a significant rise in Indian students pursuing higher education in the US for the upcoming academic session, driven by robust demand. Minister-Counsellor for Consular Affairs, Russel Brown, noted that Indian students are poised to become the largest international student group in the US this year. The number of Indian students enrolling in US universities has surged over the past three years, with the US Mission to India issuing more student visas in 2023 than in 2018, 2019, and 2020 combined, despite a 400% increase in demand for other visas. The US remains the top higher education destination for Indian students, with 69% preferring US education. In 2023, over 140,000 student visas were issued to Indians, maintaining the US as the leading issuer for the third consecutive year. Prospective students can use EducationUSA for visa process guidance and attend pre-departure orientations to prepare for their academic journey.