Kottakapu Shivani, a 21-year-old visually impaired woman from Telangana, has secured admission to the prestigious two-year postgraduate programme at the Indian Institute of Management Indore. Despite her visual impairment, Shivani excelled in the Common Admission Test and chose IIM Indore after attending interviews at 18 management institutes. Initially educated in a regular school, she faced challenges due to the lack of Braille resources but later found success in a school for visually impaired students. Shivani aims to work in the corporate world and eventually specialize in management. IIM Indore supports visually impaired students with electronic aids and lecture recordings. Shivani is one of 482 students in the PGP course, with the institute committed to promoting diversity. Sayantan Banerjee, head of the PGP department, praised Shivani's achievements.

Source- India Today