In a move to revolutionise the education system, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (AP), Jagan Mohan Reddy, has emphasised the urgent need to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the state’s education curricula. Recognising the immense potential of AI, the CM aims to equip students with essential skills and knowledge to thrive in the increasingly digital and AI-driven world. During a recent address at an education summit held in the capital city, CM highlighted the significance of AI in shaping the future of education. He stressed that integrating AI into the curricula would enable students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills from an early age. By doing so, the education system can prepare them to embrace emerging technologies and contribute meaningfully to the workforce of tomorrow. The CM expressed his vision for transforming the traditional teaching methods and curriculum by infusing AI-based tools and technologies. He emphasised the importance of creating an ecosystem where AI is not just a subject but an integral part of various subjects, allowing students to explore its applications across different domains. To achieve this goal, the AP government plans to collaborate with leading technology companies, academic institutions, and experts in the field of AI. By fostering partnerships and establishing centres of excellence, the government aims to develop AI-driven learning resources, training programs, and educational tools for teachers and students alike. In addition to integrating AI in the curricula, the CM stressed the need to train teachers in AI-related concepts and methodologies. Specialised training programs will be conducted to equip educators with the necessary skills to effectively teach AI concepts and guide students in their exploration of this transformative technology. The CM emphasised that well-trained teachers would play a pivotal role in nurturing students’ curiosity, creativity, and innovation in the AI domain. Furthermore, CM highlighted the potential of AI in addressing various challenges faced by the education system, such as personalised learning, adaptive assessments, and intelligent tutoring systems. The integration of AI can create tailored learning experiences for students, catering to their unique needs and learning styles, thereby enhancing educational outcomes and promoting inclusive education. The CM’s vision for incorporating AI in education aligns with the global trend of preparing students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. By equipping the youth with AI skills, Andhra Pradesh aims to create a talent pool that can drive innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth in the state. In conclusion, Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister has recognised the pivotal role of AI in shaping the future of education and is committed to integrating it into the state’s education curricula. This transformative step will empower students, prepare them for the evolving job market, and position Andhra Pradesh as a leader in AI-driven education. With the government’s focused efforts and collaboration with stakeholders, the incorporation of AI in education promises to open new horizons of learning and opportunities for the students of Andhra Pradesh.