Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday said the state will be scrapping the national education policy (NEP) and will instead be introducing the state’s. Rs 80 crorehas been earmarked to strengthen the learning of 33 lakh students under the new education scheme ‘Marusinchana’, the CM said as he announced the Karnataka state budget 2023.”A new scheme is being implemented with the aim of providing quality education to the students and equal opportunities for all,” he said. Under the new scheme, the state government is also looking at equipping one-and-a-half lakh students who are behind in learning for matriculation examinations. In his budget speech in the Legislative Assembly, he said the Karnataka government would formulate a new education policy, keeping in mind the local social, cultural and economic milieu of the State. The new policy would elevate the higher education standards in the State to the global level and empower youth to compete globally and gain meaningful employment opportunities, said the Chief Minister, who also holds the finance portfolio.Siddaramaiah alleged that the national education policy implemented by the Central government is incompatible with the federal system of governance.