The Purpose of Education at Wynberg-Allen is to train young people for responsible citizenship in an epoch that is witnessing bewildering change and unparalleled chanllenge.The Future of any nation depends on the character of its people.Wynberg-Allen seeks to send forth a steady stream of such men and women who will enrich the nation and serve the world. This can only be as they are imbued with a sense of dedication to god,devotion to duty, and a desire to serve whatever be their vocation.

Legacy & Leadership:

The Wynberg-Allen Junior Schoolis from classes one to six. Under the loving guidance and care of the Headmistress, Mrs. S. Mani and a team of experienced staff,nervous apprehensive children who have never been away from home before are helped to blossom  into confident and self-reliant individuals ready to move on to the Senior School.

The Junior School is equipped with beautiful classrooms, a computer laboratory , an audio visual room and a well-stocked library.It also has an assembly hall where many entertaining plays have been staged. A basketball court, a skating ring, a cricket field and a large gymnasium ensure that the little ones remain physically active and fit.

In addition to the formal education imparted in the classroom, the children are also taught important social skills and manners. The staff endeavours to help the children develop communication and conversational skills, particularly in English. The Wynberg-Allen Senior School is from class seven to twelve. In addition to preparing students for the I.S.C. and I.C.S.E. Examinations, the Senior School conducts several activities like quizzing, dramatics, debating, elocution, creative writing, spelling bee competitions, athletics and sports like hockey, squash, cricket, table tennis, basketball, tennis, swimming, badminton, soccer and chess. All these activities are conducted by the experienced and competent staff of the Senior School and are most ably overseen by the Headmaster, Mr. P. Radcliffe and the Principal, Mr. L. Tindale.


What is the purpose of life if not to serve others? What indeed? Service, simplicity and humility have always been synonymous with Wynberg-Allen, and I am sure that the hearts of our founders swell with pride when we, as custodians of the legacy, lend power to it through our actions and words. At Wynberg-Allen, we have always looked beyond the trimmings and made human endeavor our focus. We boast of having released into this increasingly bewildering world young people who uphold the central tenets of a truly inclusive society: empathy, sympathy, generosity, humility, and kindness.

Practical Skill Development:

Practical skills are developed by giving training and guidance to students in the field of photography, wood work, pottery making, jute bag and artifacts, Lamp making, drift wood work, nail art, embossed painting, candle making, masonry, tree plantation, thinking out of the box, balloon craft, waste material recycling and waste material  craft work, electrical extension board making, t-shirt designing, website designing, social work, making refrigerator magnets, fabric painting, quilling, burlap craft, basket weaving, terrarium, coffee painting, news production and editing, tile painting, guitar making, papier-mâché’, calligraphy and paper recycling.