Understanding that every child is unique in their own way, Little Elly, a new-age preschool chain has established a phenomenal education system via innovation. The in-house curriculum aids in the overall development of the tiny tots.

Little Elly is on a mission to promote the most important early stage of learning in every child's life by increasing their emotional, intellectual, and aesthetic quotients through unique programmes.

Power of Holistic Development in Children

To ensure holistic development by improved play ways, activities, and amenities blended with technology, Little Elly’s play-based learning advantages include –

Overall Personality Development

Focusing on the overall personality and traits, our educators consider kids’ social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and linguistic development. This means no aspect of growth and learning is overlooked.

Enables a Broader World View

A culturally open-minded approach is implemented to encourage students to be sociable and work in groups to develop interpersonal skills. This helps in improving their active listening while understanding different perspectives, recognising, and reflecting on personal opinions.

Indian Education System: Changing for Good

The government’s plan through NEP to unify the educational pedagogical system has opened up options for instructors and students while improving students’ learning experience. The paradigm shift of the Indian education system to technological improvement and change in people’s perception has improved education quality.

Summing Up

Apart from academics, the fundamental purpose of education is to help students improve holistically and develop a connection within themselves and others. Therefore, Little Elly strives to provide suitable advice to all pupils to aid their growth by providing a supportive environment.

Little Elly has been joining the links of the preschool network in India and has been a known brand with over 130+ centres all over India and overseas footprints in Dubai (UAE), Kathmandu (Nepal) & Seattle (USA). Wrapping young brains in the familiar comfort and protection of home, while introducing them to a world of possibilities in which they feel confident, distinctive, and free to explore makes us unique. Please feel free to reach out to us through our website www.littleelly.com / enquiry@littleelly.com