Is Assessment and Progress Tracking Required in Preschools?

A preschool plays a vital role in a child’s overall development and growth. Kohinoor Blossoms a preschool at VidyaVihar is a happy place for children where learning happens through play. Children are given hands-on activities with a holistic approach to grow and develop.

One essential aspect of this educational journey is assessment and progress tracking. Assessment and progress tracking is definitely required in Preschool. No two children are the same and each child learns at her/his own pace. Assessment and progress tracking helps a teacher to gain insights into each child's strengths and learning styles. This knowledge enables her to create a personalised learning experience that caters to each child's needs, optimising their growth potential.
With assessment and progress tracking, a teacher can identifyspecific areas of development where a child may need additional support. These assessments provide insights into academic, social, emotional and physical domains. By understanding these areas, a teacher can design targeted interventions and enrichment activities to address any learning gaps and promote well-rounded development.

Parents play a significant role in a child's educational journey. Assessment and progress tracking provide a platform for effective parent-teacher collaboration. Regular updates and discussions about a child's progress enable parents to actively participate in their child's learning process. It also helps parents understand their child's strengths, challenges and areas that may require additional focus at home.

We, at Kohinoor Blossoms, provide progress pathways of every child’s growth and milestones through regular, play-based and ongoing assessments which empower teachers to track a child's development over time. Teachers can adapt to innovative teaching methods and child-friendly teaching materials to meet individual needs, ensuring effective and meaningful assessment for all children.

Personalised learning journeys foster self-confidence. They develop an understanding of their strengths and areas they can improve upon. Additionally, setting goals based on their achievements and areas of development helps children develop essential life skills such as perseverance, self-motivation and a growth mindset. Assessment and progress tracking at Kohinoor Blossoms provide individualised learning experiences, identifying areas of development, fostering collaboration between teachers and parents, supporting evidence-based teaching practices and encouraging self-reflection and goal setting among children. Our ongoing play-based assessment plan creates a nurturing environment that facilitates each child's holistic development and ensures that they are prepared for their transition to the next grade.