The Pursuit of Happiness: Unveiling the Mantra Behind Our Happy Students

Imagine this. It’s the end of the school day and a petit yet confident student from the nursery class saunters up to the smiling Principal, who is bidding every student goodbye at the exit door, saying, “Can we just stay at school, Ma’am?” With an atmosphere of warmth, joy, and love, Don Bosco International School focuses on the well-being of the student. To make the school a second home is the aspiration of every educator here. In the realm of education, DBIS knows that fostering happiness among students can significantly impact their curricular and co-curricular achievements.

Body, Mind, & Soul

Don Bosco has become synonymous with sports. The lush green sports fields, indoor games, and focus on the development of the physical education of the student are facilitated by a group of trained and passionate instructors who understand what it truly means to develop a well-rounded individual. We provide the scope to play a minimum of two sports and for students who show exceptional capacity to compete at advanced levels. Play being the work of childhood, the Sensory Integration Program is an exciting venture where play and learning seamlessly blend. Aiding the instructors in this aim is the organisation Drishti (with pan-India presence and provides access to over 45 therapists that focus on inclusive education) who have keen insights into areas of conflict resolution - on and off the field, personality development through athletics, and most importantly strategies to guide students on how to tackle difficult emotions.

While we consider play to be one of the central facets of happy learners, the focus is not merely on the physical capacity. Movement and swiftness are boosted on the field and our Yoga program forges a calmness and steadiness in our students that is also vital to being reflective and considerate of the path ahead. These ventures are producing players who don’t just play to win also play to be a collaborative team and disciplined individuals. The numerous accolades indeed, but also self- satisfaction and emotional intelligence are key ingredients in our students’ happiness.

Facilitating Multiple Pathways to Success

With teachers who are open and warm and ever-willing to extend themselves to fulfil all the needs of the students, the classroom transforms into an arcadia of learning. In order to enable teachers to meet the multitudinous requirements of every learner, professional development is of prime value. Monthly sessions are conducted depending on the facets that need to be tackled. Similarly, to bring equity into the classroom and go beyond scaffolding and differentiated learning, teachers have been trained in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to cultivate teaching methodologies that appeal to different types of intelligences and ways of engagement. Learning is a joyful experience at DBIS with the tedium of content memorisation negated and genuine curiosity and value fostered. For those that need additional support, the school ensures they receive all the tools for success in the way of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) department and for the emotional needs of every student we have open access to the proficient and qualified counsellors at the Counselling Cell. Having reviewed the efficacious teaching-learning environment at the school, the supervisory bodies of the various curriculums offered have consistently provided more than favourable reviews and commended us on this accomplishment.

DBIS grasps the need to be engaged in a competitive world to hone skills, and bring pride to what it means to be a Boscoite. This is facilitated through the many opportunities provided to students to participate in inter-school events. We don’t just have students participate and attend these events and competitions but ensure that they have all the support and grounding essential to excel in them.

For the well-rounded development of the student the instruction goes beyond the classroom with provisions to indulge in hobby classes, refine leadership skills through the student council, to become self-reliant through life skills classes, and diverse other initiatives to mould a confidence that presents itself in the happiness students feel in what they do and be at school. Such is the impact of these initiatives that the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) are enthused participants in many of the school events where their valued inclusion is another source of joy for our students.

As Maria Montessori once said, “Happiness is not the whole aim of education; but it sure is a big part of it.” At DBIS we strive to educate not just the mind but also the heart. Through sports, developing emotional intelligence, building strong values, and encouraging a joy of learning, students are readied not just for an assessment but for life.