“The challenge before a good educator today is not just how to impart education of a high standard but also to provide an environment that unlocks the true potential in every child.”

Dr. Gopal Saxena Chairman & Managing Trustee Shishya BEML Public School

Shishya BEML Public School is a CBSE co-educational school with a proud legacy of three decades of imparting the highest quality of education. The school is run by Sri Krishna Education Trust established by Dr. Gopal Saxena, Mrs. Deepa Saxena & Mrs. Malti Saxena in 1991. Over the years Shishya BEML Public School (SBPS) has won many national awards and accolades and is now among the most prominent schools of Bangalore.

What sets SBPS apart from other schools is its unwavering focus on excellence. As the Chairman and Managing Trustee Dr. Gopal Saxena has stated, “Redefining Education is not just a slogan, but an ongoing objective in Shishya BEML Public School. We are committed to making our children future ready.”

For a long time our education system was based on the philosophies and objectives formulated in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The thinking at that time rather than being student focused, was largely driven by a colonial mindset. Not much has changed since then except for some occasional tinkering. However the last two decades have witnessed a sea-change in our lives and our thinking. More importantly, the rapid pace of change is rendering this approach obsolete, and completely overhauling our system of delivering education, i.e., redefining education, has become an imperative rather than a choice.

SBPS recognized this need very early and has been re-imagining how it teaches and what it teaches its students. To keep abreast of the demands of a fast-changing world requires action on multiple fronts, some of which are:

1.Technology: Adopting the latest technology in education delivery that maximizes the child’s cognitive ability.

2.Curriculum Design: Assessing the needs of a changing world and adapting the curriculum design to make the child future-ready.

3.Teaching Methodology: Constantly adapting our pedagogy so as to unleash the hidden talent in every child.

4.Teacher Training: Constantly upgrading and upskilling teaching faculty through faculty development programmers and evolving best teaching practices so as to keep them abreast of the latest teaching methodologies.

Effectively implementing these strategies requires deep thinking and a lot of hard work from the educator. According to Mrs. Tejashwini Sankeshwar, Principal, SBPS, this demands a lot of teacher involvement and effort, and it is in this area that we at SBPS are very fortunate to have a team of dedicated, well-qualified and trained teachers who ensure that no child is left behind. This is significant because, as a number of academic research studies have established, teacher involvement is the most important factor in ensuring high quality education.

Mrs. Sankeshwar further adds that:

“Shishya BEML Public School is a school that teaches thought not content. Apart from curricular activities, we also emphasize pursuit of sports, nature conservation, community service and student leadership.”

The national champions that the school has produced in chess, Gymnastics, etc and the number of centrums our students obtain in CBSE Board exams are proof of the effectiveness of our philosophy and our endeavor's.

As our motto reiterates, we are “Striving for Excellence Always”