The atmosphere at School Of India, Bengaluru is vibrant, and the commitment to quality education is evident in every aspect. Ranked as one of the finest educational institutions in the city, School Of India has truly set a benchmark for excel- lence. The dedicated faculty and world-class cutting-edge facilities provide an ambience that is conducive to the teaching and learning process. The curriculum encourag- es holistic development and emphasises critical thinking and creativity with activities that promote collaboration and experiential learning.

School Of India is taking assured steps towards making el- ementary school all about creativity and play, Middle school all about self-discovery and experimentation, and High school all about global and digital citizenship by promoting learning through networking. The school con- stantly works towards empowering students with self- learning, exploration, experimentation, analysis and drawing conclusions. They have made joy, curiosity and the ability to ask the right question at the right time the criteria by which they measure their unique school.

In keeping with the evolving times, teachers have incorporated integrated blended learning technologies into the learning pedagogy. Experiential learning is also employed both in physical classrooms as well as virtual spaces, making time a variable, and learning a constant.

School Of India believes that through nurturing a growth mindset, they can make a significant positive impact on students' achievements and staff member's capacity and belief in their ability to be highly effective educators.

The institution upholds the philosophy that social-emotion- al learning is an important part of student growth and development. They believe that friendship, compassion and care for one another is the right of every student and that everyone is responsible for contributing to such an envi- ronment. The school wants students to become lifelong leamers, active participants and resilient, accomplished creators of tomorrow's history. Today's India is an empow- ered, enlightened and enterprising nation. School Of India hopes to make it even more powerful with conscientious, smart and confident citizens who would make them proud with multifaceted growth.

At School Of India, we take strength in our rich culture and heritage and rediscover new approaches to fulfilling our mission. We have adopted an integrated approach to build the school of tomorrow - Respecting the Unity of Creation and the oneness of life. Our learning environment is syn- chronized, harmonious and wholesome.

The integrated curriculum is an amalgamation of the best practices in the industry and is uniquely designed to augment individual thought. Interactive learning sessions with emphasis on micro learning, group work and peer work amongst other things, bring out the best potential of every student enrolled with us. The teachers are a treasury of ex- perience who enrich our school and help our students to grow into good human beings.

We have an innovative curriculum that trains the child's mind to 'Learn By Doing" and 'Apply the learning' to solve real life problems. We are a progressive school where ed- ucation involves and engages technology through digital classrooms. There is a thoughtful balance between teach- er-directed work and child- directed activities. Young chil- dren learn from everything they do since they are naturally curious. Our children form attitudes about learning that last a lifetime.

School Of India is a rich blanket of multi-cultural diversity. Our students come from diverse backgrounds yet within school they learn to live together as one big family, regard- less of their roots and create newer and stronger bonds with each other that is bound to last them a lifetime. The minds of children, contrary to our beliefs, are open.

Friendships form at face value, without any expectations. It becomes the responsibility of the school to ensure that all students put under its care are taught the importance of inculcating the right ethics, which in turn is a prerequisite and aids an individual in developing, both mentally and emotionally. School Of India essentially believes in providing a favourable ambience that enables students to learn to be upright and honest, understand and respect.

We are a school where our culture is built through happiness. Students are happy as the teachers are approacha- ble and friendly. Children at SOI are taught to be free thinkers. They are encouraged to show leadership, develop creativity and fulfill their ambitions.

We strongly believe in physical education and fitness. In- tra-school, Inter-House and Inter-School sports competi- tions are organized regularly. This inculcates a spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. Our extensive fitness pro- gram covers a whole range of games, outdoor activities, Yoga and Aerobics. Art integrated learning, dance, music and value education combined with life skill classes ensure a well rounded development for young minds.

The personalised attention and innovative teaching meth- ods significantly impact the student's academic journey. The school's emphasis on character development, extra-curricular activities and community involvement is truly commendable. It's more than a school - it's a place where dreams take shape.