The school is recognised by the government of Karnataka and also affiliated to the CBSE board providing educational services in English medium from Pre-KG to grade XII. 

Aiming for Excellence:

  • 1. Sri Sharada Public School provides a friendly and relaxed learning environment where children can engage with society's needs and interests to learn and appreciate higher education and workplace challenges.
  • 2. Delivering a curriculum that meets the needs of all by encouraging, exciting, challenging and stimulating each child to question and enjoy the opportunities available to them.
  • 3. Promoting physical fitness and creativity together with a positive attitude to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • 4. Developing self-confidence, self-esteem and personal responsibility to make them recognise the importance of human relationships based on understanding, mutual respect and tolerance.
  • 5. Instilling civic responsibility, dignity of labour, respect towards elders and patriotism in each child.
  • 6. We value our community and seek to involve our staff, students and their parents in a positive and effective partnership.
  • 7. Leading through excellence in the realms of academics, culture, sports and social service.

Educational institution is not private property; access to education should not be a privilege for a few. I firmly believe that an educational institution is not private property. It is shared and shaped by the community as it continues to evolve. In the world of commercialisation of education, and branding of institutions, our school stands apart in the hearts and minds of the people. Thanks to the founder’s vision. Sri Sharada Public School proved that with minimum fees, children could get a quality education on par with urban schools. We, at the school are single-mindedly committed to building a model institution. We are focused on making great strides in the education sector rather than expansion with the motive of profit-making. I believe in the vision. Financial Constraints are secondary.

A true leader sets the tone and culture of the school. The leadership is set at the first level in the school by the principal. The principal directly impacts teaching, learning, and improving the outcome of educating the students through teachers, and in turn, students will help for the best uses of school resources through their commitment or team motivation. 

A school consists of teachers, students, parents, and the management. Today’s education is child-centric. Hence the main motto is to keep the focus on the children. It is of paramount importance for the management, parents, and teachers to work collaboratively in and out of the school. This kind of atmosphere will help the students to develop self-confidence and will effectively encourage them to develop new ideas, to solve the problems they are faced with. I also wish to develop moral and ethical values among the student community, in an attempt to embrace the traditions of the nation.


Throughout their schooling here, students have the opportunity to participate in athletics and a variety of sports, including football, badminton, basketball, volleyball, throwball, and table tennis. In addition to fully equipped indoor and outdoor sports facilities, there is also a skating rink and a basketball court within the school premises.


A child studying at Sri Sharada Public School will have access to a broad and balanced curriculum that is relevant to its individual needs.  Our curriculum ensures that:

  • 1. Students cultivate the habit of hard work and pride in achievements.
  • 2. Develops a moral sense of responsibility, and also sound courteous manners.
  • 3. Provides opportunities to access cultural activities.
  • 4. We recognise that all students are individuals with a range of strengths and qualities, and develop at a different pace in revealing their promise at varying stages.
  • 5. How the curriculum is prepared allows for adaptability according to individuals’ requirements. Students are monitored carefully throughout the academic year.


  • 1. Well-qualified and dedicated faculty.
  • 2. Well-equipped laboratories and an extensive library.
  • 3. Students will receive individual attention.
  • 4. Regular feedback to parents.

Course details:

  • PCMB: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
  • PCMCs: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science

Special Mention:

Exclusive coaching for NEET / CET / JEE SCIENTIA team with an experience of 15 years and a successful track record will train students for the above competitive exams.