All educational institutions in UP to have Aarogya Vatika -Education News

All educational institutions in Uttar Pradesh will now have an Aarogya Vatika to make students aware of the importance of medicinal plants. According to deputy chief minister, Dinesh Sharma, “Every household in our country has been using plants with medicinal properties for centuries.

Education News India
All educational institutions in UP to have Aarogya Vatika – Education News India

Some even worship them. Though these age-old customs and usage of these plants had been forgotten by many, after Covid, people understood their importance again and have started using them in their daily life.

Our aim is to make the students understand this too and begin the Aarogya Vatika initiative in every school.” It is a special health corner where herbs and plants with high medicinal value and the ones that are immunity boosters will be planted in various city parks in different areas to make citizens aware of their health benefits available in our surroundings.

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