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Aligned to the National Education Policy 2020, UK-based Cambridge International introduces its new primary and lower secondary (age group five to 14) curriculum offering new subjects like art and design, digital literacy, physical education and music.

Education News India
Education News India

Earlier in February 2021, this international education Board which currently affiliates over 530 schools in India became the first education board to come up with a curriculum on early childhood education based on the NEP.

Apart from introduction of the new subjects, Cambridge International has also revised its core subjects – English, English as a second language, mathematics, science, global perspectives and information and communications technology (ICT). The new changes are in sync with the NEP 2020, with a focus on skills.

Abigail Barnett, deputy director, curriculum programmes, Cambridge International, said: “We’ve made quite a lot of changes, particularly to maths and science, because those are subjects that can go out of date because there’s always scientific research happening and thinking about maths. When we went back to look at those subjects, we realized that we wanted to have a stronger focus on the skills that you need in maths and science.

So we’ve now got a new strand called thinking and working mathematically, and thinking and working scientifically. And both of those were really strong focus on skills. So it really helps the teacher to understand maths, it’s not just problem solving, you can break that down into more specific skills. And learners can understand what skills they need to use to solve certain problems. So we think that these subjects are now refreshed and up to date, and aligned with thinking around the world.”

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