5 Tips for parents to help their kids tackle exam stress

‘I wish I never had to write exams’; The words every student has felt at some point of their lives.

Considered to be the worst part of school life, exams are the one things students despise, more than any despicable teacher classmate or activity. It is difficult to image the range of emotions that students experience in this brief period of schooling life called ‘Exams’. 

5 Tips for parents to help their kids tackle exam stress

So, let’s check out a few ways for you, as parents, to help your kids let off some steam and have a calm and effortless exam stress period:

★   Planning and organisation

Whether your kid is just starting his primary education or completing their boards, the amount of syllabus they have to tackle is enormous. Studying the syllabus at random and memorizing topics can be grueling. Kids need to plan their study and stick to a schedule.

At first you might need to help your kids with making a schedule for themselves, but with time and practice they will learn to plan out their tasks and manage the time available.

It’s hard to get your kid to study months before the exam but starting early can help develop the habit and trust me this one habit that’s gonna help them in the long run.

★   Confidence and self belief

Education is a competitive field and competitors need to have high morale and self confidence to beat the rest. Revisions and practice are the keys to building confidence.

Students generally panic when they don’t understand concepts or are not able to memorize topics. You can introduce news ways of learning such as mnemonics, repetitive learning, etc and see what works best for your kid.

Most of the times students lose marks is cause they miss out on parts of the answer.

★   Food and rest

Research shows that when you’re stressed, your adrenal glands release cortisol – a stress hormone – to manage it. But cortisol also affects your blood sugar level. So, the more your sugar intake spikes, the more stressed you’ll feel.

Keep a check on your kids eating and sleeping habits. Exam stress can disorient them, leading them to fall sick during the study period or the exam itself.

The other aspect is the rest. It is very important that your kid gets enough sleep. 6-8 hours of sleep a day helps boost your child’s memory, keeping them fresh and active.

Take a break after studying for 40 to 50 minutes. For most students, working in blocks of 40 to 50 minutes helps them to be as productive as possible.

★   Change of environment

Just a computer that could crash when worked on excessively, so does our brain.

Studying continuously without regular change is really bad for an ambitious student. Instead, alternate study periods with activities that refresh your body and mind.

Sitting for long hours is neither good for the mind nor for the body. Let your kid play an outdoor game, pursue a creative hobby or just wander around, get a breath of fresh air.

★   Social support

Though the talk on social media and kids end up on a negative note, it doesn’t mean kids shouldn’t be let to socialize. Talking to your kid or giving them the space to approach you is an important aspect of parenting, let alone during exams.

Students are moving towards a virtual world for social connections, to get someone to talk to and blow off some steam. Keep an open mind. Your kids need to know that you are always there when they’re feeling the pressure.

★   Concluding thoughts

Exams these days are becoming more stressful than a regular day job. Not all students are capable of succeeding under the pressure. That doesn’t mean that the student is a failure or that the student isn’t capable of anything more. Parents need to understand this and help their kids cope with pressure than add on to the existing turmoil.

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5 Tips for parents to help their kids tackle exam stress

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