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Operations Overview:

Parameter Primary (I to V) Secondary(VI to X) Higher Secondary (XI, XII)
i) Total number of students in school
ii) Average Class Size (number of students)
iv) Tuition fees per year per student
v) Non Tuition fees per year per student
iii) Co- Curricular hours per week for a student
iii) Extra Curricular hours per week for a student

1. Academic Reputation :

Academic reputation is essential for all institutions. Rankings of schools will be done based on the overall impression of excellence or quality created by a number of factors.
a. Eligibility criteria for hiring primary teachers:
   i. Qualification
  ii. No. of years of experience

b. Eligibility criteria for hiring secondary teachers:
   i. Qualification
  ii. No. of years of experience

c. Have you received any credible rankings/achievements?
Yes       No

   Mention Here  

d. Student-Teacher Ratio:

e. Availability of resources:  
  i. Digital Resources     ii. Remedial classes  

Academics and Pedagogy (Please give information about your last board results) :

2021-2022 2020-2021
10th board exams 12th board exams 10th board exams 12th board exams
What was the pass percentage
How many students got over 85%
How many students got over 75%
How many students got over 60%

2. Teachers' Advancement & Well-being :

Teachers are central to student success. Teacher well-being and job satisfaction strongly influence teacher behavior and are positively related to school and classroom climate and pupil achievement. Initiatives taken by management with regard to teachers’ advancement & well-being will be ranked under this parameter.

a. Frequency of teacher-training programs in a year:

b. Frequency of teachers' assessment in a year:

c. Do you conduct counseling sessions for teachers?
    Yes     No

3. Co-curricular Education :

Co-curricular education involves activities or subjects beyond the curriculum. These activities include those subjects that are not a part of your academic curriculum but are important to ensure the holistic development of an individual. Schools will be ranked based on the activities initiated by the management during pandemic.

a. Explain measures taken towards adaptation to digital co-curricular education?

b. How many hours are dedicated to co-curricular education in a week?

c. Do you have activity clubs for your students?

d. Co-curricular Achievements:

4. Sports Education :

Sports education not only teaches the students to maintain their physical stamina, but also instills the habit of obedience, discipline, the determination to win, willpower, etc. Ranking will be based on the sports education techniques adopted by the schools during the pandemic.

a. Explain measures taken towards adaptation of digital sports education.

b. How many hours are dedicated to sports education in a week?

c. Do you have dedicated teachers for different sports?

d. Do you outsource your sports faculty?

e. Sports Achievements:

5. Digital Learning Advancement :

Modern technologies allow data collection on student responses, learning patterns, content access, and a myriad of information on learning effects. Rankings will be done on the basis of the advancement and adaptation of technology for the betterment of students.

a. Which Learning Management System (LMS) do you use?

b. Frequency of LMS training for teachers and students in a month:

c. What are the newest digital tools you have incorporated into the teaching process?

6. Student Advancement & Mentoring:

Mentoring is particularly critical because it helps young people overcome the barriers and risk factors in achieving successful academic outcome. Schools will be ranked based on the initiatives taken by management with respect to Student Advancement & Mentoring.

a. Frequency of life-skill classes & workshops offered to students in a month:

b. Frequency of student mentoring programs in a month:

7. Leadership in Quality Management:

The role of leadership in quality management forms the backbone of any improvement strategy. Ranking will be based on the internal environment created by the management to achieve the quality of deliverables.
a. How is the staff’s quality of work assessed?
b. Frequency of quality management assessment in a year:

8. Parental Engagement :

This parameter will assess the involvement of parents in supporting their children's academic learning. Ranking will be based on the initiatives taken by the management in terms of motivating parents to involve themselves in their child’s academics and in the school activities.

a. Frequency of PTA meetings in a month:

b. What are the initiatives taken to include parents in school activities?

c. How do you engage parents using digital platforms?

9. Future-Proof Learning Infrastructure :

It’s impossible to predict the future, a lesson well-learned in the past year. As school systems at all levels around the world struggled to come up with viable ways to ensure students could continue their education, one thing became abundantly clear to IT leaders in education: the need to future-proof their school’s IT infrastructure. Rankings will be based on the IT Infrastructure of the leading schools.

a. Do you outsource your IT requirements?

b. How did you introduce innovative digital learning techniques?

c. How many people does your IT team consist of?

10. Value For Money :

Students receive value for money when they experience the full benefits of education – both during their studies and afterwards – in exchange for the effort, time and money they invest. Rankings will be based on this criterion.

a. Are your students given exposure through seminars, workshops, conferences etc?

b. Have you given your students adequate access to digital resources?

11. Community Service :

Community service among students will help them develop real-world skills that will help them succeed in middle school, high school and beyond. Ranking will be based on the opportunities given by the management to help students understand the importance of community service.

a. What unique initiatives have your students taken to reach out to the society during the pandemic?

12. Career Counseling & Advancement :

Career counseling potentially draws from and contributes to both pupil's career development and individual counseling. Career counseling should be a core activity of the school to make the students future-ready. Rankings will be based on the efforts put in by the management to meet students’ requirements with regard to career counseling and advancement.

a.Frequency of career counseling sessions in a year:

b. Do you have a dedicated team for career counseling or do you outsource a team?

13. Psychological Well-being of Students :

Psychological problems have become increasingly common among students nowadays, especially during the pandemic. Schools will be ranked on the basis of the initiatives taken to keep mental peace among students.

a. How often do you conduct counseling sessions for your students in a month?

b. How many workshops have you organized on mental health awareness?

14. Individual Attention to Students :

Individual care and attention play a very important part in the advancement of students. This requires that you give attention to their health and assess the level of their progress in academics and other activities. Ranking will be based on the initiatives taken to ensure the requirements.

a. Frequency of one-on-one discussions of students' progress in a week?

b. Do you provide remedial classes for weaker students?

c. Do you have dedicated facilities for students with special needs?

15. Integrations:

Multiple intelligences (MI) refer to a theory describing the different ways students learn and acquire information. These multiple intelligences range from the use of words, numbers, pictures and music, to the importance of social interactions, introspection, physical movement and being in tune with nature. STEAM can exist across a range of activities and content areas. Rankings will be based on the integrations done in academics to meet the requirements.

a. Have you introduced MI in your curriculum?

b. Have you introduced STEAM Integration in your curriculum?

c. Do you organize workshops on integration of MI?

d. Do you organize workshops on integration of STEAM?
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Terms & Conditions :

1. The survey is conducted by EducationToday and a panel of jury members. The results will be published in our December Issue which will be a special edition on All India School Rankings.

2. The top selected schools will be awarded and felicitated at our 10th National Conference on K-12 Leadership & India’s School Merit Awards 2022-2023 on 7th of December 2022 at Taj Hotel, Bangalore Airport. Please note all the safety protocols, government norms and precautions will be adhered by Educationtoday.

3. Please fill the completed questioner by Oct 30th 2022.

4. The Survey team will analyze the data & inspect the School (If required).

5. The Jury members’ identity would not be disclosed, the ratings will be declared accordingly & the Jury's decision will be final.

6. The results will be published in our December Issue - Special Edition on All India School Rankings and results of the Top Schools (CBSE, ICSE, International, and Boarding) in India.

7. There is no fee involved for Nomination or receiving Awards.

8. The interested schools should fill up the questionnaire under the particular category.

9. The schools can also upload their logo & school info on - for Parent Public voting (SMS voting).

10. Winners will be informed by E-Mail, Call and courier 21 days prior to the felicitation ceremony.

11. Representatives from selected school should be present on the felicitation day.

12. For more details, please refer to the galleries of our previous events-. India School Merit Awards (2022): Video And Gallery

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