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iPlanet Education is an Apple Authorised Education Specialist one of the select partners in India authorised by Apple to facilitate Apple technology in Educational Instutions in the country. iPlanet Education provides end-to-end solutions to Hi-Ed,K12 instutions and EdTech companies to enhance the learning outcomes of the students with its competency to help Edu instutions and guide them through their vision and pedagogy banking on Apple Technology in Education. iPlanet Education is part of Consolidated Group having presence in Enterprise, Education, Retail and Wellness Segments.
Director’s Byte:
“ I believe that every child should be provided with holistic education, and in today’s era, education without technology cannot be holistic. So with the mission to digitise education, we help schools to leverage Apple technology in their journey of imparting effective learning.” At iPlanet Education we not only provide technology, but we also hand hold all the stake holders of a school in their journey towards leveraging technology to improve learning outcomes. Says Mr. Ramesh Raj.

James Coelho ( Growth & Strategy Expert) in brevity explains about the product. He says “Apple technology make students ready for future demands, by bringing out and enhancing their skills of Creativity, Critical thinking, Problem Solving , Collaborative & Cognitive learning, through Apple’s hardware, Software, applications and Services that were built and continuously improvised through its 4 decades of research in Education segment” “Effective utilisation of technology for successful outcomes requires effective support continually. We partner along with the schools to support teachers with regular trainings on imbibing technology in day to day teaching practices, lesson planning, Project Presentation etc.

Arunachalam,(Business Head, iPlanet Education) shares his views on Why Apple is Best solution for Schools. He says “Apple technology sparks student engagement with new ways to learn. The tools have the power to pursue challenging projects – Create magical learning experiences, and make every screen me worth it. Additionally we believe in providing enhanced learning to each and every child in the school environment, and With Apple’s best in class Accessibility feature it is now easier to provide these learning models to students with special abilities. When its about providing best in class technology: Nothing can match Apple.

Building successful outcomes

Leadership Teachers Students / Parents IT Team Lead your school through multiple cycles of innovation to ensure success for generations to come.

Teachers Enabling teachers to use powerful technology both in and out of the classroom. Training them to increase the productivity, enhance
student engagement and discover new ways of learning and teaching.

Students / Parents Parents want the best for their children and they also know their children beer than anyone else. we can help families with
a range of tools to support learning and help parents manage me and content in learning environments at home.

IT Team The Apple experience starts with deployment. iPlanet Education offers you the support you need so that you can integrate iPad and Mac seamlessly in to your learning environment.

Target audience We Provide Technological Solutions to K-12 School Following all Sort of Curriculums like IB, IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE, English National Curriculum, etc.

Testimonial We Provide Technological Solutions to K-12 School Following all Sort of Curriculums like IB, IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE, English National Curriculum, etc.

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