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St Xaviers’ English High School & Jr College is situated in the midst of the sylvan surroundings of Brahmand, Thane (W). “The calm, tranquil & spiritual ambience of the St Xaviers’ English High School & Jr College amidst beautiful lawns, lush green trees and flower beds, induces a feeling of peace and quiet”, Says The Chairman Sri Rai Sir Ji. “The future belongs to the youth. It is a young and progressive world which is now under process of development and it is the young who must create it. But it is also a world of truth, courage, justice, lofty aspirations and straightforward fulfillment which we seek to create. A brave, frank, clear-hearted, courageous and aspiring youth is the only foundation on which future can be built.” The St Xaviers’ English High School & Jr College was founded on 10th June, 1993. It was blessed by Late. Mrs. Rai Madam with the message : “A new light has appeared upon earth. Let this new School opened today be guided by it.”It is her guiding spirit which has moulded the school and made it one of the leading institutions in the city today. From its very inception, it has been a school with a difference, drawing its inspiration from the teachings of Late Mrs. Rai Madam. It follows an educational system which promotes an all-round growth of a child’s personality by imparting education as envisaged by The Chairman Sri Rai Sir Ji and Late Mrs. Rai Madam. This aims at building an integrated personality – a personality that creates a harmonious balance of the different elements that constitute our being – our body, our thoughts, our feelings and impulses, our aspiration, and our seeking.It is a progressive and ever widening understanding of ourselves with the soul or psychic entity taking the lead. The school endeavors to inculcate the right values in the students and help them to build their character to face the challenges of the future. The principle is that the mind to be consulted in its growth. The idea of hammering the child into the shape desired by the parent or teacher is a barbaric and ignorant superstition. It is he himself who must be induced to expand in accordance with his / her own nature.


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