Education Today: Your Premier Educational Magazine in India

"Education Today" was established in 2013, and stands as one of the top education magazines in India, offering unparalleled insights and informative articles for students, teachers, and parents nationwide. This monthly magazine caters specifically to the K-12 segment, providing parents and educators with information on the evolving educational landscape. This committed insightful content is also coupled with prestigious school ranks that solidify the position of Education Today as a leading publication for anyone invested in the future of education in India.

Empowering Students: Informative Articles for Students

Students can explore a wealth of knowledge written for students' needs with our educational magazine in India. Each month, "Education Today" delivers informative articles for students, specifically crafted to enrich their learning experiences and stimulate curiosity. These dedicated pieces tackle relevant topics that students care about, from navigating social media pressure to exploring future paths. The magazine also showcases the inspiring stories of young achievers and innovators.

Empowering Educators: Informative Articles for Teachers

Fulfilling the dynamic needs of educators, "Education Today" serves as a support of knowledge in the educational landscape. Our informative articles support teachers of India in their professional development journey, while our educational magazines motivate passion and enthusiasm for teaching.

Easy Access to Knowledge: Educational Magazine PDF

With "Education Today," accessing invaluable educational content has never been easier. Our educational magazine PDF format ensures effortless access to a pool of information, Motivating readers to stay informed and inspired while on the move.

Insights from Education Journals in India: A Treasure Trove of Information

Our articles are crafted based on extensive research from education journals in India. "Education Today" brings together insights from reputable sources, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and research in education. Whether you are a parent navigating the school system or an educator seeking fresh ideas, Education Today Magazine offers you a wealth of insights.

Our Articles Answer Educational Questions: Motivating Curiosity

Got questions about education? "Education Today" has the answers. Our platform serves as a trusted resource for addressing educational questions, nurturing curiosity, and facilitating lifelong learning among readers of all ages.

Education Expo for School Admissions: Connecting Schools and Families

Join us at our highly anticipated annual education expo, where schools and families converge for a unique experience. Discover a multitude of educational options under one roof, as "Education Today" facilitates meaningful connections between schools and prospective students.

Join the Educational Revolution with "Education Today"

Under the visionary leadership of our CEO Mrs. Vibha Raj and Managing Director Mr. Anil Sharma, "Education Today" continues to spearhead an educational revolution through our educational magazine in India. Dive into our pages and start on a transformative journey towards academic excellence and personal growth in education by subscribing to our “Education Today” one of the top education magazines in India to get access to educational magazine pdf. Which meticulously gather data from educational journals in India to inform the content of our articles.

Your Daily Dose of Educational News

Education News Network(ENN) by Education Today is a one-stop shop for everything happening in the world of education. This online platform delivers daily news updates and features insightful coverage on education-related topics like preschool openings, school profiles, interviews with educators and school leaders, and discussions on effective teaching methods.

Your Perfect Fit: Streamlined Job Search with EDHR

The EDHR portal by Education Today acts as a bridge between aspiring educators and fulfilling teaching careers. This user-friendly platform boasts a robust job search feature specifically designed for the teaching profession. EDHR allows candidates in the teaching field to create targeted profiles highlighting their qualifications, experience, and preferred areas in teaching. With a focus on streamlining the hiring process, EDHR connects educators with schools actively seeking qualified personnel, making it easier for both parties involved to find their perfect match. It is a golden opportunity for teachers of India.

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