The Punjab school education department has submitted proposals for the next two financial years to the Union Ministry of Education. The annual work plan and budget (AWP&B) for the financial years 2024-25 and 2025-26 amount to ₹1,476 crore each, representing a 14% increase from the current year's approved outlay of ₹1,298 crore. The proposed budget allocates ₹503 crore for quality education initiatives, ₹225 crore for access and retention, and ₹188 crore for vocational education. The plan includes provisions for new classrooms, improved facilities, promotion of commerce and science education, teacher training, digital initiatives, strengthening school libraries, installation of solar panels, and introduction of vocational education in high and senior secondary schools. The program is funded jointly by the central and state governments on a 60:40 sharing basis, with the state contributing ₹590 crore for the upcoming fiscal year. The proposals will be presented before the Samagra Shiksha Project Approval Board next month, with an emphasis on achieving year-wise milestones and complying with key areas such as infrastructure improvement, ICT implementation, teacher training, vocational education, and Right to Education (RTE) norms.

Source-IIT File