Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shillong’s Centre for Development of North Eastern Region (CeDNER) organized a meeting with the representatives of KaaSynjuk Ki NongsynharShnong Ka Bri U Hynniewtrep, a federation of traditional village leaders of Khasi and Jantia Hills, Meghalaya. The meeting aims to foster the development of the North Eastern region. A Community Immersion Program (CIP) of IIM Shillong will also be launched as discussed in the meeting. This programme will connect the students of IIM Shillong with the local community. Students will get to learn about the culture, traditions, and values of the North East. The institution said that the IIM students will spend a week living with the community, supporting local businesses and organizations with management approaches and interventions. The collaboration will further lead to creating awareness, offering career counselling, and providing vocational training. With the above-mentioned initiatives, the partnership will also support community immersion programmes, promote skill development, and foster sustainability.