The signing ceremony was held at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai and attended by distinguished attendees including Michael Sloan, the headmaster of King’s College, along with Justin Chippendale, director of International Schools of King’s College, and Simon Worthy, who oversees the administration and finance of King’s College. Richard Biggs, the CEO of GEV, and Managing Trustee of SVIET orchestrated the official signing of the agreement. He extended felicitations to all stakeholders, underscoring GEV’s unwavering commitment to supporting the transformative endeavour. Dr Zoltan Fodor, a board governor from Hungary, extended his congratulations, and shed light on the educational philosophy that would serve as the lodestar for the institute’s collective journey ahead. Michelle Schneider, the board of governor of King’s College UK Gurugram, expressed gratitude to all stakeholders for their invaluable support and guidance. He pledged to uphold the illustrious legacy and uncompromising standards of King’s College. Dirk Leidingeranother member of the board of the upcoming wing of King’s College in Gurugram spoke on the vision of the school and shared his plans for maintaining the standards, ethos, and values expected for being a King’s College School.