ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) chairman S Somanath, along with his team of 25 scientists, visited Amity University in Bengaluru today for a joint workshop focused on artificial intelligence, data analytics, and astrobiology. The workshop showcased the research achievements of both ISRO and Amity University. The discussions in the workshop are centred on the use of artificial intelligence and data science advancements in space science, with ISRO and Amity University collaboratively planning their future in these areas. The vision of this collaboration is to advance space research and technology. Prakash Chauhan (Director of the National Remote Sensing Centre in Hyderabad), Sudheer Kumar (Director of Capacity Building and Public Outreach at ISRO), and several scientists from Amity University’s campuses in Noida, Mumbai, and Raipur also attended the workshop. AseemChauhan, Chancellor of Amity University, added, "Amity is privileged to have this collaboration with ISRO."