The Delhi government aims to empower teachers with the latest research insights and equip them with the necessary skills, Education Minister Atishi said. "The collaboration between Delhi Teachers University and the RAND Corporation aims to facilitate support for strategic issues, improve teaching and research skills, and engage in joint scholarly discourse on key public policy matters," the education department said in a statement. RAND Corporation is recognized as one of the top three education think tanks globally, it said. The umbrella MoU marks a "first-of-its-kind collaboration" that aims to leverage DTU’s infrastructure along with RAND’s expertise in conducting rigorous, high-quality research to support teacher training and capacity building for teachers and undertake future research activities to understand the state of teachers and the teaching profession in Delhi," the education department noted. "This collaboration is a significant step forward in our endeavour to strengthen the education landscape in Delhi. This strategic alliance will undoubtedly have a transformative impact on Delhi’s education system," said.