In a collaborative effort between MNRE and IIT Roorkee, a study has been conducted to inform decision-making and drive transformative initiatives in India's renewable energy landscape. The focus is on exploring diverse grid-scale energy storage solutions crucial for sustainable energy future. The study provides actionable recommendations to enhance renewable energy integration and improve grid-scale energy storage efficiency, aligning with India's renewable energy goals. Dr. Ajay Mathur emphasized the critical role of energy storage in ensuring grid stability and renewable energy deployment, praising India's global leadership in renewable energy adoption. MNRE Secretary BS Bhallaacknowledged the IIT Roorkee team's efforts, highlighting the report's pivotal role in empowering stakeholders in advancing clean energy and energy storage solutions. IIT Roorkee Director KK Pant expressed gratitude for the support and emphasized the report's significance in shaping policies for accelerated adoption of clean energy technologies in India.

Source-Higher Education